How Jupiter and Venus Influence Your Marriage

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In Vedic astrology, relationships and unions are influenced by particular planetary conjunctions and their position in the respective houses. When people want to know the answers to “When will I get married?”, they often look for it in astrology. 

Out of the planets that affect your kundali with regard to marriage, Venus and Jupiter play pivotal roles. Their impact on the 7th house, the house of the other (house of meaningful or impactful relations), can reflect how happy and successful your married life will be. 

These planets are essential to answer the looming question of when will I get married?” for the following reasons: 

  • Venus for men and Jupiter for women are deciding factors of how stable and compatible the union will be 
  • The placement of these planets in affecting houses can help you compare and match kundalis to check duration, growth, and affection in the marriage 
  • Effects of these Planets

    In the kundali, different placement of the two planets leads to different situations and precedence for marriage. 

    1. When Jupiter is located in the 7th house, this may result in a delayed or unhappy married life. Conflicts could arise and the environment may be bitter and devoid of affection. 
    2. If Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction in the seventh house or if the seventh lord is placed in the conjunction, your spouse will be virtuous and cultured. 
    3. Both Jupiter and Venus are malefic if they are placed alone in the seventh house. Venus in the seventh house can signify seeking intimacy post-marriage and a problematic relation with the spouse. 
    4. If Jupiter Ascendant is afflicted from Papakartari Yoga, then its aspect in the seventh house will still lead to negative results. 

    Venus and Love Life

    Venus is a powerful planet and mentions and links to Venus and love have been spread across multiple cultures. It is a planet that cherishes beauty and luxury. It reflects love, fun, attraction, leisure, and materialistic beauty. Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra and is strong when it is ruling in the Pisces sign. 

    In marriage, Venus and its affiliations can tell us about marriage.

    1. By figuring the position of Venus in your kundali, you can decipher if you will receive love in your life and through what forms.
    2. Venus can tell you if you will be satisfied with your partner and the relationship. 
    3. A powerful Venus in your chart signifies high possibilities to attain happiness, pleasure, and love. This Venus can be negated in Women’s charts if there is a presence of a malefic Rahu. 
    4. In case your chart is blessed with the auspiciousness of Venus, the individual is very self- confident and has a strong attraction to the opposite sex.

    Jupiter and Love Life

    Jupiter signifies the love aspect, specifically in the woman’s chart. The positions of Jupiter can give insight into the husband and prosperity. 

    1. The impact of Jupiter on love and romantic relationships depicts the virtue and death of the relationship. 
    2. Its union with benefic planets or inauspicious houses shows a very positive and uplifting marriage. 
    3. Jupiter also shows the stability and security of the union in the woman’s chart.


    When you ponder on the question, “When will I get married?”, remember that the planets play a vital role in understanding the situations revolving around your love and family life. With the help of a professional and experienced astrologer, you can know what’s in store for you.

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