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How To Have The Perfect Piece Of Jewelry For Any Occasion

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Marylin Monroe said ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ and Elizabeth Taylor certainly backed up that sentiment when she said ‘big girls need big diamonds,’ even Zsa Zsa Gabor – who one-ups Liz Taylor with nine marriages to Taylor’s 8 – also famously quipped ‘I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back,’ however, there’s slightly more to the world of jewelry than old Hollywood glamour and high-clarity stones. Not all of us are going through our days decked out top to toe in diamonds, some of us go in for simplicity and chic looks, others care far more about the emotional significance of a piece than the number of carats or clarity. 

Jewelry can be stunning, sparkly and show-stopping but a piece of jewelry, whether 22k gold jewelry or stainless steel and however artistic, bespoke or breathtaking it might be only becomes truly valuable when emotions are attached to it. So, if you’re looking to buy jewelry for a special someone in your life, check out our guide to the perfect piece of jewelry for any occasion.

For Your Daughter

Diane Von Furstenberg ‘jewelry is like the perfect spice – it always compliments what’s already there,’ with that in mind, when you’re buying jewelry for someone you’ll want the piece to complement their personality, style, and attributes. Think about what they wear and how they present themselves and then think about how you see them and how amazing you think they are – the piece you choose should be a reflection of that and ultimately it will be something only you yourself can pick out for your daughter. However, if you’re stuck and looking for a bit of advice, our best point of call is that when you’re shopping for the perfect piece of jewelry for your daughter, you should go for something subtle or something fun and colourful that compliments her dazzling personality and the love you have for her. 

For Your Girlfriend

Roll out the romance with this one! When you’re wooing someone, there’s a lot of pressure on a gift and you can never hit the romantic angle hard enough if you ask us!  Jewelry is a great permanent reminder of just how special you think that special someone in your life is. Make sure it’s something simple enough that it’s still wearable in everyday life but still screams romance and sex appeal. Consider a delicate choker or something incorporating red stones like rubies, garnets, topaz or even coral or, if you’re ever in doubt just get something that sparkles as much as she does. 

For An Engagement

When you think of engagement rings you’re probably thinking of diamonds and you wouldn’t be wrong! The history of diamond engagement rings is one of the most interesting trends in consumer history and it’s well worth a read! Diamonds have been a mainstay on the engagement ring front but lately, there’s been a shift towards colored gemstone rings think Kate Middleton’s vintage sapphire engagement ring which originally belonged to Princess Diana or Katy Perry’s oval-cut ruby engagement ring. These rings are flashy, wearable and arguably more eye-catching than a regular diamond ring. The choice of an engagement ring is ultimately a personal one but, if you ask us, you can’t go wrong with any of the timeless pieces from Larsen Jewelry.

For A New Mum

Having a new baby is a blissful (yet exhausting) experience – your life and all your priorities are completely changed, it’s a life-altering experience. However, there is a lot to consider when buying jewelry for a new mum. You’ll want to get them something significant to commemorate the birth of their child but you’ll have to remember that they’re a mother now which means they’ll be with a baby almost 24/7 and a baby will pull on anything dangling and new parent’s hands will often get dirty, changing diapers or dealing with all the other bodily fluids that babies tend to produce. Consider a pair of earrings, nothing ornate just a pair of earrings sophisticated stud earrings perhaps diamonds or a precious stone that they can wear every day. 

For An Anniversary

For an anniversary jewelry is always a great option, pretty and practical – something they can wear around which will remind them of you and your relationship. Whether it’s a first anniversary or a gold wedding anniversary, it’s important that your gift pays homage to your history as a couple. Even if you buy the jewelry first and then attribute meaning to it later, trust us, your significant other will love the emotional significance of the jewelry more than the actual piece itself. Say it’s aquamarine like their eyes or a ruby like an outfit they wore on your first date, earrings that remind you of the ones they wore on your wedding day. Simple and sentimental gifts, however, if you’re stuck, remember what Jackie Kennedy said, ‘pearls are always appropriate!’ 

For No Reason At All 

When you’re looking to surprise someone with jewelry you should buy them something fun! Jewelry is meant to be a celebration! Consider a statement ring with a colored stone or a delicate gold or silver piece that they can wear every day. Which design you ultimately choose will depend on the person you are purchasing the jewelry for: are they the life of the party or do they go all in for understated elegance? Do they wear a lot of colors or do they go all in for simple muted tones? If you’re buying jewelry for something just because, we’re betting they’re important to you, follow your heart and you’ll know exactly what to buy!

Long story short? No matter the occasion or what you’re trying to say, you can say it with jewelry.

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