How to Know when it’s Time to Upgrade Your Car

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The purchase of a new car is among the more significant ones we make. It’s something that should be considered carefully, and in many cases there’s no one time at which we can say that an upgrade is due. With that said, there are a few classic warning signs that are worth watching out for.

You Feel Unsafe

If you can’t get into your car without cringing a little bit, then it might be time to make the switch. You aren’t going to have an enjoyable time behind the wheel if you feel that your safety is in jeopardy. If you have a family to transport, then this will be even more of a priority.

You Feel Uncomfortable

Eventually, the seats in your car are going to start to lose their bounciness. At the same time, the rest of your interior might start to look a little worse for wear. Refurbishing an entire interior is something that you might consider if the car is a classic, or you’re an enthusiast; in most cases, it’s a sign that you’re driving something that’s on its last wheels.

Insurance is getting Expensive

One of the dangers of driving around an older vehicle is that it’ll be more prone to breakdown. As a consequence, insurers will begin to ask more of you in order to cover their added risk. Sooner or later, these premiums are going to outweigh the cost of a new Peugeot, especially if that cost is spread over a series of monthly payments.

Your fuel costs are rising

Keep track of the amount you’re spending on fuel. If your costs are rising, then it might mean that it’s time for a replacement. Older cars are inherently less efficient than new ones. Moreover, they lose their efficiency over time. As such, holding on might mean that you end up spending more in the long-term.

You’re Embarrassed

Whilst it might seem like a trivial reason to reach into your pocket, the feeling of embarrassment you might get from parking your older vehicle next to a shiny new one might be enough to push you into a decision. No-one likes negative attention!

You feel like a write-off is imminent

It’s a great deal easier to shop for a new car when you have the luxury of time. If your existing vehicle is written off, then you’ll need to buy urgently. That means you’ll probably end up being forced into a worse deal than you would have otherwise accepted. Don’t allow yourself to arrive in that position – be proactive!


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