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How to Look After Your Most Precious Jewellery

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If you have precious and/or valuable jewellery then it is absolutely essential that you know how you can look after these items to prolong their life and keep them safe and looking their best at all times. It will depend on the item and the material that it is made from, but read on for a few tips which will keep your most precious jewellery well looked after.

Don’t Wear It All the Time

While you might want to show off your precious jewellery at every chance, it is also important that you do not wear it all the time particularly during certain activities. Typically, it is best to remove jewellery when performing any kind of exercise or sport (which could also be dangerous), when swimming and while doing the washing up. Warm water is good for cleaning jewellery so it can be worn in the shower, but be careful to avoid any dangerous chemicals.

Be Careful With Heat & Light

Overexposure to heat and light can also be bad for jewellery, particularly gemstones. This is why you should try to limit exposure that jewellery has to the sun and heat, which also means thinking about where it is stored when you are not wearing it.

Invest in Proper Storage

Following this, it is important that you have proper storage solutions which will protect the jewellery when it is not being used. Tossed in a drawer or left on top of the counter could lead to scratches and damage, so instead you should look into jewellery storage which has different compartments and can keep items separate and safe (many can also have a lock). 

Follow Cleaning Instructions

When you buy precious jewellery like an engagement ring from somewhere like Chapelle, it will usually come with instructions on how you can clean, look after and store the specific item. You should closely follow these instructions in order to keep the piece looking its best and free from damage at all times.


It is also worth taking out insurance for any valuable jewellery which could protect you from damage, loss or theft. It is better to be safe than sorry and, unfortunately, issues can occur with high-value jewellery so insurance is always worthwhile.

These are the main steps that you need to follow in order to look after any precious jewellery that you own. It is important to understand that jewellery needs to be cared for and looked after, but also that different materials and types will have different requirements so knowing how to look after each piece is key.

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