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How to Prepare For Buying Your First Home

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Buying a home is an extremely exciting process – and never more so than when it is your first home. Finally, you are investing in your future, in a place where you are in control of your surroundings, able to decorate, improve, and customize as you see fit. Owning your first home is one of the greatest feelings in the world, but it can be a long road to get there. Even when you are financially ready to buy a home, there are many different choices to make and preparations to undergo before you will be able to finally sign that lease and have the keys dangling in your hand. These choices can be both practical and idealistic. Where do you want to live? What kind of property do you want to live in? Are there any compromises you’ll need to make so you can afford the perfect first property? Below are a few of the considerations that first-time buyers will have to make, all of which will lead you towards being fully prepared to take that first step onto the all-important housing ladder.


Where do you want to live? This is the first major decision you’ll need to make. Now, this consideration operates on many levels. At this point, the world is your oyster. What country do you want to settle in? This may be where you already live, but you might also be considering a move somewhere completely different. What are your reasons behind this? Can you find a more luxurious property in a certain country? Once you’ve decided on the general region, there are further choices to make. Do you want to live in the city or the countryside – and if it’s the city, whereabouts in the city? Do you dream of a suburban, quiet neighborhood, or would you rather find an apartment right in the hustle and bustle of it all? Even after this, you’ll want to think about other elements – is there a school nearby? Do you want to live near a gym? Drawing up a list of all your location requirements is one of the first steps to prepare for buying your first home.


Unless you’re able to pay for a home outright, you’ll need to be prepared for a mortgage. It’s important to know exactly how much you’re able to afford each month, as this will affect the length and quality of the deal you’ll get, and therefore what kind of property you’ll be able to buy. Mortgage lenders will also want to see evidence that you’re a committed, responsible borrower. Having a great credit score is incredibly useful when buying a first home, so it’s worth preparing for this in advance and taking action to ensure your score is as high as possible.


Alongside your mortgage, you’ll need to consider bills. Energy, tax, and other expenditures will all contribute to your monthly costs. These will vary depending on the home (a bigger house may require more heating) so it’s worth preparing by doing your research on energy ratings and costs. It’s also important to remember that this house will be entirely your responsibility! Whereas before, your landlord may have undertaken the costs of certain repairs, including boilers, expenditures such as these will now be on your shoulders, and you’ll need to take them into account as you look over different properties.

Real Estate

The best way to find the best property and be fully prepared to make an offer, is to work with an expert. There are some fantastic real estate companies out there such as, who can take into account all your requirements, and conduct a search for properties on your behalf. A great real estate company will find homes and deals that you may never have discovered by yourself. Sometimes, the best way to prepare is to let others help you. Particularly as a first-time buyer, the guidance and advice you’ll receive will be fundamental in helping you make the best choices for your own personal circumstances.

Home Style

Alongside location and costs, style is one of the most important considerations when you are buying your first home. What kind of property do you want to live in? Do you love simple, modern designs, or have you fallen in love with the idea of an older period property with heaps of character? Even more simply, do you want a detached house, a bungalow, a top floor apartment, or something else entirely? The type and style of home you are looking for will have huge ramifications for price, location, and the amount of competition you’re likely to face when putting down your bids. It’s worth preparing by knowing exactly what you want, so you can enter the market with confidence.


As with all things in life, there are likely to be compromises made when you are searching for your first home. Sometimes, the perfect house can fall straight into your lap, like a match made in heaven. However, most of the time there will be many options that you love, but each may not fully complete your criteria. Preparing to buy a home is about knowing your priorities, what you are willing to compromise on, and what elements are set-in-stone necessities.

Value Prediction

You might imagine you’ll live in your first home forever – however, this is unlikely to be the case. Most people do move house at least once after buying a home, if not several times over. Due to this, one area you’ll need to consider is the potential value of your home. It’s not worth buying a home in a place likely to see many more floods in the coming years, for example, as you will end up making a loss if you ever decide to sell. Keep a lookout for up-and-coming areas, and try to buy somewhere with a rising value prediction. This is a smart way to buy your first home whilst investing in your future at the same time! By preparing for your first house purchase by considering all these eventualities, you’ll be doing yourself a massive favor further down the line.

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