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Shoestring Marketing Trends That Could Transform Your Business

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We’re used to the idea that running a marketing campaign is necessarily expensive. Companies, we’re told, must spend thousands of dollars per month “raising awareness” and “targeting their niche.” 

But surely having conversations with your audience doesn’t have to cost the Earth? Aren’t there cheaper ways? 

Let’s take a look. 

Create A Google My Business Account

Want to know the best way to supercharge your SEO? It doesn’t involve creating content for years on end or paying people to generate backlinks for you. No – it just requires signing up to Google My Business and putting your company on the map – literally!

A Google My Business account is essentially a way of telling the search giant what kind of services you offer and where you offer them. So, for instance, you might tell Google that you’re a mechanic operating in Florida. 

Google then takes this information and adds it to its database, making it available for all its users to find. Thus, when a customer types in “mechanic in Florida” in search or on maps, your business automatically pops up alongside all your rivals. 

Go Freelance

There’s no need to hire an in-house professional marketing team to conduct your advertising. Today, a lot of companies are going freelance, thanks to platforms like Snupit.

The way the market for on-demand professionals works is pretty simple. You tell the platform what you want, and then it will spit back a range of options at you, showing you how much it’ll cost you by the hour or project. Going freelance allows you to adjust the amount of money you spend according to your immediate business needs. This way, you don’t wind up paying more than you need. 

Write An Industry Contribution

People are always interested in hearing new ideas, especially if they believe they will make them more efficient. Advertising in trade magazines is notoriously expensive. But writing an industry contribution is one of the simplest things you can do to get the word out about your firm. 

The “payment” (so to speak) is the effort you put into crafting an original and informative article. 

Sponsor A Contest

Sponsoring a contest is another way to get customers in your niche to pay attention to your business. For instance, you could partner with another firm to offer a prize to members of the public who sign up for your newsletters or attend an event. 

Guest Post On Niche Sites

Here’s another idea: start guest posting on blogs, forums, and sites you know your audience uses. Use your creative skills to craft compelling content that adds value to the audience and encourages the site owner to continue using you for your blogging ability. 

Host Webinars

Got something useful to say to people? If so, then you might want to try hosting webinars. Use these as an opportunity to educate your audience and help overcome their problems. Also, take the opportunity to plug your product implicitly. Don’t talk about how great it is directly, but point out that you’re a business that can solve problems. 


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