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Smart Things To Do With Your Small Business Profits

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Before we talk about some of the things you should do with your business profits, here are some of the things you shouldn’t.

  • Don’t blow your profits on items and equipment that your business doesn’t really need
  • Don’t celebrate your profit-making with an expensive staff party
  • Don’t abuse your power as a business owner and grab a share of those profits for your own selfish needs

When it comes to being ‘smart,’ you shouldn’t do any of those things. Instead, focus on the following, as your business will continue to profit if you do.

#1: Save for emergencies

In a perfect world, there would be no need for an emergency fund. Sadly, we aren’t living in a perfect world (as the pandemic has recently shown us), and any number of catastrophes could befall your business. 

A sudden change in the weather could damage your business premises. An angry customer could sue your business with an expensive compensation claim. Sales might slow down for a month or more due to circumstances out of your control. And your equipment could malfunction and fail at the worst possible moments. 

These are just some of the disasters that could befall your business, but as awful as they are, you would minimize the financial damage if you had an emergency fund in place. So, put money away each month, be it in your safe or a savings account, as you won’t then need to dip into future profits if disaster does strike.

#2: Give your business a marketing boost

You already know the importance of advertising your business, so when you do start to make sizeable profits, use some of your hard-earned money to improve your marketing. 

So, you might pay for a specialist in web design, SEO, and other aspects of digital marketing to increase the presence of your business online. You might pay for radio and TV ads too, and even a giant billboard to push your business offline. And you could hire more people onto your sales and marketing teams, as you would have a better chance of getting word about your business out there. 

These are just some of the things you could do when giving your business a marketing boost, but there are plenty of other ideas online.

#3: Pay down your business debts

If you have incurred debt in your business, make every effort to clear it as soon as you can. The longer you are beholden to high-interest rates and monthly repayment plans, the lower your profit margin will be. 

So, if you do make a profit in any given month, use some of it to pay off your balance. You might want to consider refinancing too, because when lenders see that your business is profitable, they might offer you a lower interest rate. Either option will lower your debt load, and you will reach the endpoint of the debt sooner rather than later. You will then have the financial freedom you need to save more and grow your business.

And so…

Don’t be reckless with your business profits. Use them wisely, perhaps by following our suggestions. You will protect your business if you do, and you should experience greater profits in the future. Be sensible then, and resist the urge to throw a party when the money starts rolling in.




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