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These Realisations Can Make Life A Lot Less Stressful

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Life, at the best of times, is never exactly perfectly “stress-free.” There will always be unexpected challenges, chores, duties, and frustrations that arise from time to time.

Of course, that’s not to say that many people don’t make their own lives significantly more stressful than they need to, courtesy of both counter-productive actions and habits, and also flawed and self-defeating outlooks on the world at large.

Here are just a handful of realizations that can help to make your life significantly less stressful, across the board.

You don’t have to be an expert on everything

It can be all too easy to fall victim to the idea that you need to be something like an expert on all things, in order to live a responsible and fruitful life.

Not only is the average person expected to be as informed as possible about matters relating to things like geopolitics and global news, but there is often also an implication that everyone should have good DIY skills, a good knowledge of technology, an understanding of best nutritional practice, and all sorts of other things, too.

The bottom line is that society is full of people who specialise in different fields, primarily because not everyone has to be an expert in everything – and, in fact, it isn’t even possible for someone to be an expert in everything.

Just as you would likely hire a real estate agent to help you deal with your property needs, so too should you be able to unburden yourself of the idea that you have to always know the answer to everything, on a personal level – or that you need to research everything in depth, either.

Maybe if you’re looking to start “eating healthy,” you should just consider hiring a registered dietician to advise you, rather than reading through dozens of books in order to try and figure out the perfect approach on your own.

In other words, outsource some of the work, and reduce your stress.

Often, experiences in the real world will be a lot less negative than the ones you imagine when ruminating

These days, it’s extremely easy to get caught up in a state of more or less endless introspection. 

Between the endless entertainment options provided by TV and the Internet, plus platforms like social media and ongoing social phenomena like the COVID19 lockdowns, there’s a real risk for many people of becoming more or less caught up in a self-generated thought bubble, without leaving the house often enough.

Stress and anxiety naturally tend to result from this fact.

It’s important to realize, though, that when you meet the world head-on and experience it directly, outcomes will often be a lot less negative than the ones you imagine when ruminating by yourself, or when occupying a counter-productive echo chamber.

It’s a big and mysterious world, and there are always more experiences and opportunities waiting

If you find yourself feeling as though you are burned out, and that there are no more opportunities for you to pursue in order to turn your life around, think again.

The reality is that it’s a big and mysterious world, and there are always avenues you haven’t ventured down yet.

Use this realization to fan the flames of hope when you’re feeling down.

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