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Timeless Fashion Guidance Every Man Needs To Hear

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There’s no fundamental reason why any particular gender should make better fashion choices than any other. Even so, there’s a need for men to be informed – just as there is with anything that requires skill. Before you start spending a fortune on clothes, you need to understand the rules of the game. 

Men – listen up. There’s some fashion advice that we all need to hear and apply every day. Get it right, and you can supercharge your personal brand and start going places in your life. 

Buy Clothes With Intelligence

Don’t buy a shirt with a collar that is too large for your neck. 

Don’t purchase pants that are so baggy they look like they were once sails on a ship. 

Don’t buy shoes that look like you’d wear them to school. 

Don’t buy socks that don’t match any of your outfits. 

You get the drill. You want to buy clothes that look like they were bought with intelligence. Things should work together. If they don’t, people will notice. 

Use Natural Natural Materials 

While sports fabrics have their place, you want to stick with natural materials for your day to day wear. Choose leather goods like shoes, bags, and wallets. Avoid the cheap imitations. For your shirts, pick cotton – or silk if your budget will allow it. Polyester isn’t as attractive. If it’s cold, knitted wool always looks great. 

Achieve Nonchalance

As a man, your fashion choices should be nonchalant. You’re not trying to imitate a Lady Gaga outfit. Your goal is to appear refined, dynamic, and professional, even when not at work. Going for ostentatious styles can be beneficial in some situations, but not many. Life is too short to take substantial fashion risks. Stick with the understated, and people will respect you for it. 

Choose Gray, White, And Black

If in doubt, choose either grey, white or black clothes. These tend to be the most flattering on men and create the best first impressions. Men who wear black, for instance, are rated more intelligent than their color-wearing peers. 

Create A Few Simple Outfits And Stick With Them

When it comes to your wardrobe choices, the simpler, the better. Try to build a wardrobe of seven work outfits and seven outfits you can wear socially. Stick with them rigidly. Don’t chop and change. Just make sure that they look great and then run with them. It’ll save you time, and you’ll always look sharp. 

Learn To Tie A Tie

Ties might be the bane of your life, but they’re still a reality in most workplaces. Learning how to tie one correctly, therefore, is a major life skill. Once you get it right, you’ll be hailed a fashion guru. Surprisingly few people can pull it off. 

Know Who You Are And Your Fashion Will Follow

Fashion is downstream of your personality. Once you understand who you are, your fashion choices automatically follow suit. Figure yourself out first. Then the clothes you should buy will jump out at you. As Oscar Wilde once said, you can never be overdressed. 


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