Top 5 Natural Ways to Increase Serotonin

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Have you been feeling down lately and not like yourself? Do you have negative thoughts and a pessimistic outlook on life? A lack of serotonin in your brain and body might be the culprit.

Whether you’re suffering from depression or find yourself in a bad mood every day, optimal serotonin levels are essential for your happiness and wellbeing. 

Keep reading to discover 5 simple and natural ways to increase serotonin and feel better in no time.

  1. Eat Serotonin-Boosting Food

To learn how to boost serotonin naturally, take a good look at the food you eat. Your gut is essential for the production of serotonin, so what you eat will affect how you feel.

Eating healthy, unprocessed food will help improve your gut flora, but also boost your serotonin levels. Some of the best serotonin-boosting foods include salmon, nuts and seeds, eggs, pumpkin seeds, turkey, oat bran, and dark leafy greens.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is one of the best natural treatments for depression as it helps boost serotonin levels quickly. Whenever you’re in a bad mood or feel generally unmotivated in life, even 15 minutes of exercise can help you feel better.

Try running, yoga, fitness, playing sports, or brisk walking in nature. Keeping your body healthy and active will help you feel alive and happy mentally as well.

  1. Try Supplements

Before you try any serotonin-boosting supplements you need to know what is serotonin doing to your body. Serotonin is one of the “happy” hormones alongside dopamine, oxytocin, estrogen, and progesterone. When serotonin levels are optimal, you feel content, in a good mood, and happy in life.

Some of the best supplements that can stimulate the production of serotonin include 5-HTP, L-Tryptophan, Omega-3, vitamin D, B-complex, magnesium, inositol, and Kanna. You can learn more about the Kanna plant and its health benefits in this article.

  1. Go Out in Nature

Going out in the sun, especially in nature, is one of the best ways to boost serotonin levels. Nature has a soothing effect on people, so whenever you feel down, a long walk in a nearby park, beach, or forest will do wonders for your mental health. Make sure to disconnect from technology to fully feel the benefits of nature therapy.

  1. Reduce the Stress in Your Life

Stress is a part of everyday life and it’s almost impossible to eliminate it altogether. However, you can take steps to reduce the stress in your life and find ways to better cope with stressful situations.

Stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline can wreak havoc in your body and brain. They can suppress the good mood hormones and take over, leading to sadness, irritability, and frustration. By reducing the stressors in your life, you reduce stress hormones as well, helping happy hormones do their job better.

Try These Natural Ways To Increase Serotonin

Whether you’re diagnosed with depression or just need natural ways to increase serotonin and lift your mood, these tips will help you live a happier, healthier life.

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