Traveling in Style? Then Make Sure To Pack These Apps

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Everyone wants to take some of the stress out of travel, as well as to be able to while away those lost minutes and hours when you’re waiting for a connecting flight or train. Luckily, we’re living in an age when all we need is a smartphone or tablet to take care of all this and more. But with so many apps and travel aids clamoring for our attention, it can be just as hard to select which ones to download as it is to choose which clothes to pack. But don’t worry, we’ve handpicked four ways to make your trip go smoothly. 

Making the preparations

Often, the anticipation is as much a source of pleasure as the holiday itself. And when you download the Ready Set Holiday app it all adds to the enjoyment. It’s got everything you need to arrange the perfect holiday, all in one app. From launching a holiday countdown to discovering what the weather will be like when you’re there, you can do it all. You can also book flights, hotels and even tours and excursions well in advance so you can relax knowing that everything is sorted before you step on the plane.

Passing the time

For those wasted hours spent in departure lounges, you could pass the time listening to an audio book or watching something downloaded from Netflix. On the other hand, it could be the ideal opportunity to get into the holiday mood with a trip to an online casino. Most have mobile versions that you can enjoy wherever there’s internet access and this is where you can find the best American online casinos. There is a good selection to choose from and all offer welcome bonuses and other incentives for new players. You can also choose from slots or table games like roulette, and many sites now also include sportsbooks too. 

Getting by in a foreign language

Even in countries where English is widely spoken, making at least a token attempt at the national language is always very much appreciated everywhere from restaurants to tourist attractions. Google Translate can take you only so far, and can sometimes even produce some pretty inappropriate suggestions. It’s far better to rely on an app like Duolingo. There aren’t many languages that it doesn’t cover – even Latin and Klingon are available – and it includes gamification that makes learning the basics even more rewarding and fun. 

Getting around

Even people who have lived in a city all their lives sometimes find it hard to work out the best way to get from A to B. But with the multi-award-winning Citymapper on your phone or tablet you certainly won’t be one of them. It uses GPS and other information to show you the quickest and most cost-effective routes possible. They’re also always adding new cities to their ever-growing list.

So next time you’re heading off on a stylish travel adventure, make sure you don’t leave home without these by your side. You’ll find they’re the best travel companions ever.

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