What Your Home Decor Says About Your Personality

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People tend to display their personality in a variety of ways. The way we dress often shows our quirks and the flair that makes us unique. Likewise our homes. The colors, furniture and even the way it is laid out all speak to what makes us tick.

Even when buying your furnishings from a store that has all similar styles and shades of color, we tend to gravitate to the things that allow us to show the world what we are all about. Sometimes consciously, sometimes subconsciously. This goes for the interior design as well as the exterior. 

In this article, I will go over several of the ways that our houses tell the story of who we are.

The colors

When you called the Mesa house painter to paint your interior and exterior, no doubt you picked the colors. And this had a lot to do with who you are and how you see the world. 

If you are a welcoming and sharing type that enjoys having people over for social time, then you probably have a lot of warm shades with rich yellows and oranges. Those colors are intimate and invite sharing.

Cool colors like pale blue and light lavender are generally chosen by people who are slightly introverted. They feel like their home is an oasis and a place for relaxation and reflection.

Outgoing personalities tend to choose bright and garish colors like a ruby red or emerald green. These bold colors are in your face and hard to ignore which is just what this personality type is looking for.

Favorite room

Your favorite room is usually the one that has the most decor that speaks to your personality. For instance, if your kitchen is your favorite room, it shows by the type of artwork that’s displayed and the care put into setting it up to look as pretty as it is functional. This room is where the most outgoing and passionate types like to hang out.

Your living room that has the big couch and TV is usually for the ones that like to stay home and enjoy their time to themselves. This room usually has a lot of pillows on the couch and photos of nature on the walls.

The bedroom that has a lot of linen and drapes is the realm of the person who loves to be out and about and then come home to an oasis. Generally, people who love to travel will often have their bedroom decorated with more care. 


Entering a house with lots of storage options that keeps the house tidy and stylish at the same time says that you could be a Type A personality that loves to be in control. Everything has its place and there is no way possible for clutter to occur.

A more bohemian type loves to have knick knacks everywhere. It isn’t exactly clutter as that would imply that things are just left out and accumulate. Instead it’s a very visually intense display of all the things that a free spirit likes to be surrounded by. Which can look messy, but in reality is just that there is a lot to look at. 


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