Working From Home? Get Comfy!

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Most people are working from home during the current pandemic, so there has been rather a rush to make a comfortable workspace in a house that doesn’t usually have one. People are – at first – thrilled to be sitting on the sofa and working in their pyjamas. It isn’t long, however, before the reality sets in, and people realise how uncomfortable it can be.

To be productive in the workplace, you need to feel supported. You should be able to keep your wrists level to the desk, your feet flat on the floor and have your back supported by your chair. Your desk and chair have to be at the right height for ultimate comfort, and you should have adequate lighting to see what you’re doing. Finding room for a desk and chair at home may be difficult, but it’s not altogether impossible.

The most important thing to remember here is that you need to be comfortable, and with the right ergonomic chairs with, you can be. You’re already working in an entirely new way by juggling the boundaries between work and home life – don’t make it more difficult by leaving yourself ill-equipped for comfort. You deserve to wake up every day and know that you’re not going to bed with back pain because you don’t have the right seating to get your job done. Investing in the right chair isn’t just good for your health, it’s going to keep you motivated to keep working in these crazy times. So, let’s check out this infographic to explain ergonomic seating a little better!

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