3 Vodka Drinks You Will Enjoy This Winter

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Vodka may be thought of as a summer liquor, but that’s not always the case!  Here are three recipes for the winter that will elevate this alcohol into a year-round joy!


If you’re making this from scratch, the best thing to do is a plan by at least a month before you’ll want to drink it.  This liquor can be used in White Russians, alcoholic pumpkin spice, or to warm up a mug of eggnog.  To make it, you’ll need two and a half cups of strong hot coffee, two and a fourth cups of vodka, four cups of sugar, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. 

Stir the sugar into the hot coffee until it dissolves, and then add the rum and vanilla and stir again.  The most important part of this recipe is time.  Let it sit for two weeks to a month, and then be careful not to shake or stir the bottle anymore.  The coffee will have settled to the bottom of the bottle, so you don’t end up with a gritty drink.  

Homemade White Claw

White Claw has spent the last year in strong popularity.  People like it because of the low calories, varied flavors, and carbonation buzz.  The main problem is how high priced it is, which can be avoided if you make your own!  Instead of buying a white claw, get a few bottles of your favorite flavor of sparkling water and some regular vodka (although flavored cream vodka can be a great choice!).  Mix one liter of sparkling water with two shots of vodka, and then stir.  This drink hides the flavor of the vodka while also being incredibly low on calories.  Plus, you can create this from what you can find at any liquor store in Savannah, GA, or anywhere else.

Pink Vodka Lemonade

Summer might be gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the taste of it anymore.  Instead of sticking with only savory or deep flavors, enjoy a little brightness in your drink.  Although this is one you’ll want to have when your heat is on, and you don’t have any chill left in your fingertips or toes- this drink will send your mind to a beach somewhere warmer.

Pink vodka lemonade is a more complicated recipe that you can alter to your tastes once you figure out the steps.  The recipe calls for four ingredients, sprite, lime, vodka, and cranberry juice.  It’s even more comfortable if you use a simple can of cold sprite.  To make a large batch, slice one lemon thinly for the bottom of the pitcher, and on top of that, pour on two cups of ice.

Use a liter of the sprite (you can replace this with ordinary lemonade if you don’t like the taste), one-third cup of cranberry juice, and then the juice of two or three limes (about one-third cup).  This drink is best if served immediately, so the sprite still has its fizz!  Serve with a slice or two of lime at the bottom of every glass.


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