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6 Different Things to Consider When Redecorating Your Bathroom

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Redecorating your bathroom is no mean feat. There are several factors which can get in the way of your vision for the ‘perfect’ bathroom. If you’re a homeowner who has recently started refurbishing the property, then you have probably just encountered this problem. However, we think the process is worth the time and energy in the end. And so, to help our readers with this dilemma, we’ve written this article listing X different things you should consider when redecorating your bathroom. We hope to provide you with some useful titbits that will inform your decisions so that you can create the perfect bathroom which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Read on to find out what we have to say.

1.) Type of Flooring

It’s important to choose the right flooring when redecorating your bathroom. As you already know, bathrooms are prone to dampness and water puddling or leaking. Some materials don’t survive very well in these conditions. For example, wooden planks are more likely to rot or become swollen and buckle. Though tiled flooring is better, bacteria can sometimes grow in the grout. What’s more, wet tiles are very dangerous because they’re so slippery. Overall, we think the best options for bathrooms are laminate or vinyl click floors. These materials are water-resistant, meaning they aren’t prone to rotting in the same way and they are usually textured to prevent you from slipping over. They can also imitate the appearance of genuine wood without any of the practical downsides. So, make your bathroom look fashionable without affecting its functionality by installing some laminate or vinyl click flooring.

2.) Sorting Out Plumbing

When redecorating your bathroom, people often feel tempted to move everything around without much thought to how this would affect the plumbing system. Don’t fail into this trap yourself. Carefully consider where every appliance in the bathroom can go, from the shower and tub to the sink and toilet. If the system works already, there’s no need to change it. You should consult a plumbing service if you do need to switch anything up, though. It’s also good to have a service on standby in case you run into a sudden issue when assessing the issue yourself. Bergau Plumbing for instance, run an emergency line 24/7 just in case a plumbing emergency arises, so be sure to have someone like them in your phonebook.

3.) High-Quality Toilets

Refurbishments are expensive and so people usually opt for the cheapest options where they can. Not only does this mean you receive a lower quality product but also make a less cost-effective investment. But it’s particularly important not to make this mistake when choosing the new toilet for your bathroom. Toilets are supposed to last – they need to be up to the task of being used every day, several times, by multiple people. Otherwise, unsavoury things like leaks and blockages are more likely to occur. As such, you should make sure to invest in a high-quality toilet. This is a decision you won’t regret.

4.) Functional Showers

It’s easy enough to be enticed into buying a flashy new shower with glass panels and walk-in feature. However, though they make bathrooms look beautiful, they aren’t the most practical. People tend to discover that water gets everywhere with open door showers and that the panelling allows leaks to occur. Rather than going with the most exciting option, it might be better to invest in a functional shower. Don’t go with the wet room trend which gets puddles everywhere. At the very least, make sure the shower area is enclosed and has a ridged floor which means the water can drain away inside.

5.) The Right Contractors

Like we mentioned before, it’s worth consulting a reputable plumbing service when redecorating your bathroom. But that’s not all. You should make sure the contractors you’ve hired to refurbish the place are reliable, too. Once again, choosing the cheapest option isn’t a smart move. Instead, do your research and find providers who are well-reviewed and have competitive pricing. The cheapest contractors will usually complete botch jobs that cost you a lot more money in the long term. For example, they might improperly fit the bathtub, causing leaks which drip through the ceiling below.

6.) Consider Eco-Friendly Options

Whilst you’re refurbishing your bathroom, you might also want to take this as an opportunity to choose an eco-friendlier lifestyle. By replacing your fixtures with more water-conserving ones, you can be less wasteful, help the environment and save yourself some money. For instance, you might want to buy an eco-friendly toilet with a dual flush system or a water-saving showerhead. These appliances can do the exact same job whilst also being more efficient.

These are some different things to consider when redecorating your bathroom. We hope you have found this article illuminating. By following our advice, you’re sure to create a bathroom which is both beautiful and functional.

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