Buying Guide for Must-Have Sandals

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Before you go on any trip, the first thing that you need after proper attire is a matching pair of sandals. It is dependent more on the type of journey you are to undertake. Sandals that comfort your soles along with design aspects that would make a statement for you. Well then, here is a list of two styles that can help you buy sandals online and help you decide your type and need of footwear. It will not only save your precious hours pondering over deviated choices of designs but might also have a change of perceptions and choices as you reach the bottom of this list:

Platform sandals 

The most preferred trend that outgrew a few years back like wildfire, these sandals offer the best of looks and class that you require. Generally identified by the thick sole and relatively thinner toe sole, they are the perfect combination of comfort, style, and stability for any pair of feet. The cross between wedge type and flat type sandal forms, these sandals are best worn below a skirt or ankle touching trousers because these sandals are made to demand attention, certain elements that you should look for when you buy slides online at some platform are:

Manufacturing material

With options available from rubber to a cork, wood to hard plastic, the platforms must be chosen based on your feet’s workload requirements. It may vary from a few hours to a significant part of the day. In the latter case, you may opt for a cork made platform or if not then a plastic or wood-based sandal should be your choice. 

Height ratios 

When you talk of platforms, these aren’t much of a concern for the thickness based aspects as they are rarely too significantly changing, unlike heel sandals. It brings the style quotient along with the hint of class that shows in your altitude. 


With a huge market of options available for this kind, they offer a large variety in their heights as their heel heights may vary to over 6 inches. These can be worn at work as well as clubbing, day or night, casual as well as formal wear. The key features that can be looked for while you buy women slides are:


Whenever buying a wedge sandal, do not get drooled over heights of heels as they are as difficult to handle as much your jaw drop in awe. A conservation colour that gives a traditional look is the evergreen sandal that you might wish to choose from 

Great for outside wear

When the talk about a partying activity or a simple pool party is held, you can grab this as an opportunity to show off your wedges as they won’t be covered up then. A printed silk mini or skinny pants with a flirtatious wedge to flaunt can be the occasional perfect fun that you would enjoy. 

Having brought up these two categories, your need for the occasional sandals must have been clear as to the option that caters to your needs the best. However, for yet another variant, you might want to look for a flat sandal.

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