California Living: 5 Signs Its Time to Make the Move to the West Coast

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Oh, California. With the beautiful weather and sunshine all year round, it’s no secret that it is a wonderful place to call home. 

Between the ocean breeze and cityscapes, there are so many California places that are waiting for you. From the outdoor activities to the excellent cuisine options, California has so much to offer. 

If you are ready for some California living, then keep on reading. Here are the five signs it’s time for you to make a move out west. 

  1. You’re Ready for a Mild Climate

Do you currently live in a place that is cold and snowy? Kiss that goodbye in California. Though Northern California may see some snow, most of California enjoys a mild, warm climate that brings sunshine throughout the year. 

California’s weather is insanely diverse. There are mountains in the North that stay cold throughout the year, but there are also beautiful coastal towns and cities with a more balanced climate.  

If you want some beautiful weather, then it’s time to make a move to California. 

  1. You Love the Beach

With 420 public beaches, California is the perfect place to catch a wave or relax on the sand. If you want to have access to beautiful ocean sunsets and smell the salty air, California is an excellent choice for your next home. 

  1. You Love The Outdoors

As previously mentioned, California is home to a wide variety of climates and landscapes. From mountains, oceans, and trails, there are endless things to do in the great outdoors. 

From camping to hiking, you can do so many fun activities and enjoy a beautiful view at the same time. 

  1. You Can Find a Beautiful Home

It’s no secret, California can be more expensive than other states by a long shot. Especially in areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Beverly Hills. 

However, there are homes for sale all across this beautiful state. As long as you are prepared for a more elevated price for a beautiful home, then California will be great for you. 

  1. You’re a Foodie

California is home to thousands of incredible restaurants that span across all different types of cuisines. Additionally, California has so many plant-based or vegan options, so you can feel good about what you are eating and even try something new. 

With the many incredible cities that California has to offer, the restaurant options are fantastic. You will never leave a night out hungry in California. 

Are You Ready for California Living? 

All in all, California is an incredible place to call home. 

From the diverse terrain, wonderful culture, and beautiful places to live, it is truly a place like no other. If you resonate with these five signs, then you are ready for some California living. 

Making a move out West can be intimidating, but it is sure to be an incredible adventure, too. Want to plan your next trip to California to see if it’s the right fit? Check out our website for more information on travel, cuisine, and more. 

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