Clothing E-Commerce: How To Be Unique In The Market

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There are many businesses that have come upon hard times recently. Retail stores are closing and plenty of them are on the verge of bankruptcy. However, clothing e-commerce is on the rise. As more and more people shop for their duds on the internet, it is important that you have a marketing strategy that will make your company stand out. Knowing how to get started is very important. There are a few dos and don’ts to remember when advertising an online clothing chain.
Create a Unique Selling Proposition
As soon as a customer sees your pop up ad or visits your website, they should understand what sets you apart from other clothing stores. Do you have a t-shirt company that sells inspirational tee shirts or are your shirts more cynical and sarcastic? Do they feature beautiful photographs or is your specialty uniquely designed corporate shirts? Make sure your ads and home page let potential customers know one of your ads when they see it.
Things you Should do to Make Buying Your Product Easy
The internet has gotten more user friendly over the years. People expect a smooth buying experience when they go on your site and if they do not have one, they are likely to take their business elsewhere. Remember to take the shopper’s journey into consideration when you are marketing your products.
Consider the Future Buyer
When you are planning and setting up your business, it is only natural to think about the money you make and how cool your shirts will look when people wear them. However, when a buyer first visits your site, they may not be ready to buy yet.

You want to make sure that everyone has a good experience no matter what stage of the buying process they are in. Be sure to collect their email address and offer them text and desktop updates. Remember to be conservative with the desktop updates; you do not want the customer to be sick of hearing about you before they even place their first order.

You can also learn about your customers by sending out a survey when they visit your site. Offer them a free trinket or discount when they do so and you will save plenty of money on market research.

Use A/B Marketing to Differentiate Yourself Just Enough
A/B marketing can be very tedious. Trying to think of small differences you can make in various advertisements is challenging and may be an exercise in futility. However, it is a low-cost way of finding out what potential clients respond to. It is also a good way to distinguish yourself from the marketing tactics of other clothing companies.
Offer Distinctive Specials and Discounts
Have you ever noticed how many companies give a 10% or 15% discount a few times a month? Why not offer coupons that are a bit more idiosyncratic? Offer a 22% discount every Tuesday. If a customer spends $50 on one purchase, offer them $12 off on their next purchase so long as they buy something within the next two weeks.

E-commerce businesses are certain to proliferate in the coming months. Having a competitive edge is critical to the success of your company. You have worked hard on your clothing line and your products deserve to be seen so having a unique marketing strategy is important.

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