Covid-Suitable Hobbies That Will Get You Outside In The Fresh Air

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If cabin fever is setting in, and you cannot bear another single day indoors, don’t panic. Instead, wash your hands, strap on your face mask, and get outside with the following socially distanced activities in the open air.


You can indeed draw inside as well as out. However, Plein air painting, as it is known, can be an excellent way of testing your skills and applying yourself to a new challenge. In fact, you may be surprised at just how challenging it can be to capture a true likeness of the landscape or building you are painting in the outdoors, with the wind blowing, the sun shining, and while avoiding raindrops and other hazards.

While the term Plein air primarily refers to watercolors and oils painted outside, you don’t have to set yourself up in the style of a master artist to draw and paint outside, either. Instead, a sketchbook and a single fine line pen will work a treat or just a pencil and pad. You may even want to go for a digital option like an iPad Pro and Apple pencil.

Of course, there are plenty of cool gadgets and gizmos that you can treat yourself to if you’d like, including fold out watercolors, which are ideal for on the go!

The great thing about drawing and painting outside is that you can do the activity alone or with friends standing 2m apart. It also doesn’t matter whether you are in the country or the city either. After all, your goal should be to document what is going on around you in your style, no matter what you see.


Is there a more perfect activity for these socially distant times than lake fishing? Pack up your wind shelter and rods, and throw in some snacks and refreshments, and you can while away hours if not days by the side of the lake.

Of course, fishing has long been a popular hobby. Still, other competitive sports are harder to engage in; the thrill of beating your own personal best or comparing your haul to others around the lake (in a safe, socially darned way) is appealing.

If you are new to the Sport essentials include a rod and reel and hooks and bait. For comfort, a chair or stool and some sun and weather protection is also a smart idea, especially if you want to enjoy your spot for an extended period.

Remember, too, that you do not have to kill and take your catch home if you don’t want to. Instead, you can weigh and measure your fish and let them back into the water to fight another. A practice widely regarded as more humane in angling circles, and also a good move if your freezer is already stocked full of items for a lockdown.


Another water-related activity that is ideal for Corona times is to take up boating. After all, if you travel out far enough into the lake or sea, you won’t have to worry about social distance at all! Just as long as you stick to the rules regarding how many people you have onboard your boat.

When just starting in the hobby, the myriad of boats’ choices can be overwhelming. In particular, be sure to look for something like one of these polycraft boats┬áthat have been constructed with stability and strength in mind. After all, adding stability is essential for the beginner, and a little extra strength will ensure that any damage from the occasion learner mishap is minimized.

Of course, when you are out in your boat when you do is totally up to you. Some people are happy to travel up and down their local waterways, while others prefer to spend time on the sea. Still, others choose to moor their boats at a lake when they can fish, picnic, and sunbathe until their heart’s content. Although, if you can choose where to moor your boat, a spot that is less tourist-filled right now is the most sensible approach.


Running seems to have become one of the most popular outdoor activities to take up during lockdown. It’s no surprise either as it can be done just about anywhere, practiced every day, and doesn’t take a large investment to get started at all.

There are also several other benefits to running right now: it is much safer in terms of covid than hanging out at the gym. Not to mention the millions that are already using it for mood management and runners high.

Even though races with others are out of the question right now, you can always work and challenge yourself to beat your own personal best. Something that can be a real bonus for the competitive folks that are missing team and other sports.

One of the only downsides to running, it would seem, is that not everyone has the fitness level to engage in it. However, you will find plenty of couch to 5k plans to help even the least sporty of us find a new reason to head outside. There are even programs that immerse you in a story to help motivate you to run if you need an extra push.


Finally, if you are looking for a workout, but running isn’t your speed, how about embracing gardening instead? Yes, that’s right, you can work a serious sweat when gardening and burn some serious calories too.

However, that is not why it’s the perfect outdoor activity for these pandemic times. Instead, it’s that it provides a reason and motivation to get outside every day and encourages us to make the best of our homes and properties, places in which we are set to spend plenty of time for the foreseeable future.

You aren’t just taking part in physical activity in the fresh air with gardening. Instead, you contribute to making your living environment better and even increasing your home’s value. Now, if that isn’t reason enough to get outside in the fresh air, I don’t know what is!


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