Getting into the Groove of a New Workout Routine

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Regular exercise is synonymous with a wide range of benefits. From enhanced physical health to improved psychological wellbeing, working out on a consistent basis can prove beneficial in a number of areas. However, if you’re new to physical fitness or haven’t exercised in a good long while, getting used to a new workout routine can prove difficult. As a result, many of us quickly become discouraged and give up on new fitness regimens before truly giving them a chance. While settling into a brand-new workout routine can be challenging, getting yourself into the proper groove may not be nearly as daunting as you think. 

Find the Ideal Time of Day to Exercise 

Finding the ideal time of day to exercise can mean the difference between adhering to a workout schedule and throwing in the towel. With this in mind, take a good look at your schedule in advance of beginning a new fitness regimen and identify the best times to fit in a workout. For many people, this means getting up a little earlier than usual and devoting that extra time to exercise. This ensures that your daily sweat is completely out of the way by the time you begin the day in earnest. 

While early morning workouts certainly have their advantages, they’re not ideal for everyone. Not every fitness enthusiast is a morning person, and there’s no rule stating that one can’t enjoy a vigorous workout later in the day. For example, some people opt to eat a quick lunch and use the rest of the afternoon break period to tackle their respective exercise routines. Furthermore, some of us prefer to work out at the end of the day instead of the beginning. Sweating it out after the workday is behind you can be a great way to deal with any residual stress or frustration and leave you primed for a good night’s sleep

Get Enough Sleep 

Proper sleep is synonymous with a plethora of benefits. In addition to decreasing stress levels and improving your mood, consistently getting enough sleep can help you maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk for a variety of health problems. A peaceful night’s rest will also help stave off fatigue and provide you with plenty of energy for the day ahead. In the absence of sufficient energy, exercising can be an uphill battle. Engaging in a serious workout on very little sleep is practically guaranteed to make the process more strenuous and sour you on the idea of regular exercise. 

That being the case, make a point of getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night. This may mean going to bed earlier than you’d prefer, but the previously discussed perks should prove well worth this minor inconvenience.          

Eat a Proper Diet 

When working to get in shape, consistent exercise and proper diet go hand in hand. As an added bonus, healthy eating habits have been linked to increased energy levels. So, if you want to tackle your new workout routine with the utmost vigor, eat a diet that’s rich in fruits and veggies. Additionally, fatty fish, like salmon and tuna, serve as excellent sources of protein. If you often lack sufficient time for a proper breakfast or lunch, you may want to consider protein powder shakes as meal substitutes. 

Make Alterations as Necessary 

Not every workout routine needs to be set in stone. If you find that a recently-adopted regimen isn’t working for you on any level, don’t be afraid to make alterations to it. For example, if an early morning workout has proven difficult to fit into your schedule, consider shifting to an end-of-the-day routine. Additionally, if the exercise itself is simply too strenuous, consider cutting back and gradually working your way up to your desired level.

Consistent exercise plays a large role in properly caring for one’s body. However, despite how important physical fitness is to our overall well-being, many of us have trouble committing to new workout routines. Although this is particularly common among people who have never engaged in regular exercise, even seasoned fitness buffs sometimes have trouble fully committing to a new regimen. If you’re looking to begin a new fitness routine on the right foot, take care to put the previously discussed measures to good use.   

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