Have You Remembered To Pray Today? Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Pray Everyday

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Prayer is the spiritual communication between man and God. This two-way communication link enables man to not only speak to his Creator but also listen to Him. From Christianity to Islam and Hinduism, prayer is virtually found in most forms of religion.

The Bible encourages Christians always to remember to pray without ceasing. Prayer functions as a means of praise, worship, and thanksgiving to God. 

The Bible states that where two or three congregate, the Lord is present. Those who can’t afford to come together for prayer can utilize online prayer request platforms and come together, irrespective of where they are.

Importance Of Prayer


  • Brings You Close To God


You get to know more about someone when you speak with them. Prayer offers you the opportunity to spend time and get to learn more about Him. Through prayer, we become friends with Jesus. And talking to God fosters a deeper relationship with Him. 


  • Prayer Changes You


Prayer changes you. Speaking with God and spending time knowing Him through prayer changes your heart and spirit to be more like His. As per the Bible, man shall not live on bread and water alone, but by knowing more about God.


  • Keeps Evil At Bay


This is by far a leading cause for prayer. Through prayer, you can ask for God’s protection over your life and those of your loved ones. Protection over your work and any aspect of your life. Not only does prayer protect your family, but it also serves as an excellent example for your children as they grow. Therefore, make a point of praying each day as a family.


  • Breakthroughs


Are you struggling with various aspects of your life and can’t seem to catch a break? By having a candid prayer session, God is capable of delivering much-needed breakthroughs your way. Online prayer request platforms are an excellent means of seeking support for your breakthrough prayers.

When you pray and your breakthrough doesn’t come when you want, it doesn’t mean that God hasn’t necessarily heard you. He answers all our prayers at His own opportune time, which the Bible states is perfect. 


  • Offers You Strength 


Life is filled with ups and downs. When faced with insurmountable problems, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and give up. In such instances, this is when you need to get on your knees. Prayer has the power to comfort you in times of turmoil, providing you with the necessary strength to overcome any obstacles.  


  • Familiarity With The Bible


Since prayer brings us close to God, and the Bible is the word of God, by praying, we learn more and more about Him by reading the Scriptures. Taking your time to go through the Bible each day builds your spirit and improves your prayer life.

The Bible says, “ask, and it shall be given unto you, seek, and you will find, knock, and the door shall be opened to you.” As a Christian, when you accept Jesus Christ into your life as your personal Lord and Saviour, you become a child of God.

There are countless reasons why it’s essential to pray. Prayer nourishes your body and spirit, consoles you in your time of need. As a beginner, you might find it challenging to pray. Online prayer request platforms exist to help you with just that. Give them a try.

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