How To Be Unapologetic In Your Beliefs

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It’s quite obvious that the political and cultural divides have perhaps never been greater in our lifetimes, and this seems to be occurring all over the western world. We’re not here to get into specifics and certainly not to tell you what to think about this, of course. However, a cursory glance at Twitter or the public discourse in any capacity can help you see how we really need people to sit back and listen to others right now.

That doesn’t necessarily mean being silent about your beliefs. In fact, too many people feel disengaged and unable to put their ideas forth, because it does seem as though this becomes a battleground before you even get started. That being said, the only way to know what you really think is to test what you ‘sort of’ think out there in the world.

So – how can you be unapologetic in your beliefs? After all, if you’re coming to them in good faith, or you have a certain issue that is very important to you, you deserve to speak out. Let’s consider how that might be possible:

Join The Communities You Find Interesting

Why not decide to join some communities you find interesting and invigorating? It might be a local debate club, it might be an activist group you find interesting. For some, simply joining a political party and reminding people to vote can be a good use of your time. Joining the communities you find interesting will often help you feel informed, and you can bounce your ideas off those who agree with you. That can be a great place to start.

Research Deeply & Listen To Opposing Viewpoints

Of course, we need to remember that meeting people we agree with is hardly the only consideration that benefits us when hoping to become a bit more political, or a bit more aware. It could be that you disagree deeply with the opposing side to you, but you should at least listen to them. Most people do not form their political opinions to be as evil and shallow as possible, no matter how easy it is to paint them as such. So – what do they have to say? This can help you understand your own beliefs more, and perhaps even counter an argument with more force and dexterity should you need to.

Fly Your Flag High

Don’t be afraid to fly your flag high! In these times, you can be vocal and find your group by acting in that way. It might be that you hope to wear a political slogan by ordering custom masks, or perhaps there’s a flag or set of colors that inspire you. Perhaps you could make a YouTube series discussing your opinions, post on Reddit or Twitter, and simply do your best to try and contribute and become more informed. Feeling open and expressive can be a fantastic way to feel as though you can express yourself in the first place – and that’s not insignificant.

With this advice, we hope you can be more unapologetic in your beliefs, from top to bottom.

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