How to Find the Most Unique Experiences in London

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London’s tourism alone expected to hit £26.6 billion this year. While London’s not the cheapest place to visit, it’s easy to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

While London’s unique by nature, its unique experiences depend on your definition. Once you know if you want bizarre or something special, you can map out your itinerary. 

Having the ultimate unique experience in London means optimizing every moment. Here’s what to know about where to go in London.

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London’s Unique Experiences

London’s architecture, history, and culture alone make visiting its own unique experience. If that’s not enough for you, don’t worry. There’s plenty of strange to go around.

Here are the top spots to go to ensure unique experiences and a level bank account.

Live a Neon Life

Nothing says unique experiences in London like Gods Own Junkyard. It’s true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Dining at their Rolling Scones Cafe lets you bask in neon’s eclectic glory for the day.

While you’re there, take some time to learn about Gods Own Junkyard’s story. Though owner and artist Chris Bracey passed to prostate cancer, his son Matthew’s continued his legacy to keep sharing Gods Own Junkyard with the masses.

Beyond the attractions, let London’s unique vacation experiences show you its people!

Harry Potter Pub

Okay, so it’s not called the Harry Potter Pub. But, if someone asked you about The Harry Potter Pub, you’d know they’re talking about The Cauldron. HP fan or not, The Cauldron’s a must for everyone.

Among their potion-making groups, cocktails, and Hogwarts-like ambiance, unique experiences in London will make you feel even further away from home.

Skeletons and Specimens

If you’re on the creepy-crawly side of unique, be sure to check out the Grant Museum of Zoology’s odd exhibits. Among their 67,000 specimens, you can find rare skeletal creatures, jars of moles, and things you didn’t know you had to see!

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Unique Dining Experiences

Don’t forget about dining! Food time’s the perfect time to experience London’s uniqueness. 

The Maltby Street Market’s the place. There’s no better way to get a lay of London’s dining land than perusing diverse vendors. It’s a great way to learn about local cuisine and immerse yourself in London’s energy.

Talk with locals about their tourism recommendations. Don’t be shocked if you’re told to drink from a historic public toilet!

When in London

Aside from planning, research unique experiences near me while in London. That way, you’re sure you’re tackling all the sights. Unique experiences come down to balancing attractions, dining experiences, and indoor and outdoor hot spots.

If you’re focused on saving money, balance how many paid events you attend with your own wanderlust adventures. London’s enchanted architecture promises there’s plenty to stumble upon.

Let London’s charm reveal itself to you. For more on living your best international social life, check out our latest blog posts!


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