How to make sure your weekend away runs smoothly

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Are you in need of a weekend away? The events of 2020 have reduced our travel opportunities while leaving lots of us feeling burned out. 73% of people didn’t take a single day’s holiday in April. But with much of the UK tourism sector still open for business, a short break could be just what you need to refresh your body and mind.    

When you’ve only got a limited timeframe to work with however, it’s important to make the most of it. Read our tips on how to prepare and stay safe while you’re away. 

Choose the right place to stay

With your ideal location in mind, your choice of accommodation can make a huge difference to your weekend away. If you’re travelling to a city, are certain neighbourhoods better for exploring than others? Or maybe you’re heading to the coast but still want to be close to local amenities. 

Shop around and draw up a shortlist before you decide to book. Are there any extras you’d benefit from, like an on-site pool, cooking facilities or a complimentary breakfast?   

Book your travel in advance

Organising your travel a few weeks in advance is almost always likely to be a better option than winging it on the day. 

Say you’re considering a train from Doncaster to London King’s Cross, for example. Booking ahead could help you get a deal on your tickets while guaranteeing comfortable seats and space for your bags. 

If you’re driving instead, research your route to find out if there are any areas best avoided at rush hour.    

Plan a rough itinerary

If you’ve chosen your destination there’s a good chance you have a couple of things you want to do once you arrive. Create a rough outline to maximise your time, considering things like the weather, opening times and how close different sites are to each other.

You may want to book things like tours and restaurants in advance to avoid wasting time or being disappointed.          

Pack pandemic essentials

Packing for a weekend away is a little different in the context of a pandemic. Throw in a couple of masks to make sure you don’t fall foul of the rules and bring your own hand sanitiser for peace of mind.

If you’re planning to spend extra time outdoors, make sure you bring enough layers to wrap up warm! 


Do you feel like you need this trip to go well? If you take care of all the points discussed above, you’re bound to have a great time. 


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