How to Pick the Best Custody Arrangement for Your Child

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When you are contending with a divorce or any other situation that is potentially splitting your family apart, it’s crucial that you establish a fair and workable custody situation. There are a number of custody arrangements that you can look into which will give you an idea of what to expect.

Here’s what you should know about the different types of custody arrangements that you can seek.

Full Custody Arrangements

Full, or sole custody refers to a situation in which one parent takes primary physical custody of the child. They are also the parent that has more say in the decision-making process and how the child is raised.

In these circumstances, the parent that doesn’t get full custody typically has visitation rights unless they are unfit for some reason. These visitation schedules must be arranged in advance and a parent is not allowed to block these visitation arrangements.

Joint Custody

This custody arrangement means that both parents have custody of a child and find an equitable way to split this time. They also both have a say in how the child is raised and the decisions that come with the territory.

This could mean circumstances as the child stays with one parent during the school week, and the other during the weekend. Some parents spend primary custody during the school year, while others get custody over the summer. 

50/50 Child Custody

As the name suggests, this is a custody arrangement in which time with the child is split directly down the middle.

In general, this arrangement works for parents who live in close proximity to each other. The child would be able to stay with one parent one week and then switch up the next week. It involves a lot of moving parts and cooperation between both parents.

Aside from physical custody, 50/50 also means equal decision-making, even if physical time isn’t 50/50.

Customized Child Custody Options

Finally, many parents would rather step outside of arbitrary rulings and laws and set up their own situation. When this happens, they have the right to create custom arrangements that suit both the needs of the parents and the children. This takes out a lot of the guesswork so that people can raise their children as they see fit without arbitrary guidelines. 

These plans can include both custody and visitation arrangements. 

It is typically best to go to mediation in these circumstances so that an agreement can be forged. Make sure to bring a family law attorney on board that can help you out with your case. Whatever you pay in legal fees or mediation will be well worth it to get a quality plan in writing.

Manage the Different Types of Custody Arrangements

When you look into the different types of custody arrangements, you can figure out what works best for you and your child’s needs. It takes plenty of cooperation between you and the other parent, so use these points as your starting point and foundation. 

Consider these tips and use our site for more info on divorces and family law issues. 


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