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How To Plan Events For 2021

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Everyone is pretty much in agreement that planning events for this year are pointless now. With government regulations around the COVID-19 pandemic becoming stricter again and a second wave fast approaching, who knows when things will go back to normal. One thing you can try to do, though, is to think ahead to 2021, and while no one can predict how the land will lie by then, you can at least be a little more prepared. 

It’s highly likely that in-person events will return, but they probably won’t be like anything you’ve experienced before. As the industry cautiously begins to find its footing while virtual events continue on, planning for in-person and hybrid events will present a new set of challenges, and special event venues will have a lot of adjustments to make. 

Just as you would have a contingency plan for bad weather, we’re going to cover every possibility that we won’t be out of the pandemic. If it’s a wedding you’re planning, then it might be worth planning a micro-wedding for now, which can be lovely and intimate, and then having a bigger celebration when you are able to. 

If you want to start planning an event such as a corporate event or a big birthday party, then here are some things you’ll need to consider.

Start Planning Early

Starting to plan your event as soon as you can is essential in the current situation. Getting any official paperwork that you need for your celebration sorted out early is vital. This could mean applying for permits or, if you are planning a wedding, a marriage license. Due to the pandemic, it could take longer than usual for these official documents to be processed, which could cause significant issues for your celebration. If your marriage license is not ready in time for your wedding, you will have a common law marriage, which could cause potential issues in the future. 

To avoid the stress of paperwork not arriving on time, it is essential to apply for any official documents that you may need as soon as you can.

The size of the venue

While you would always want to make sure that a venue had enough capacity for your guests, now you’re going to be looking for space so that people can be at a safe distance. 

The type of venue

It will be well worth holding your event in the warmer months so that you can have it at an outdoor venue, and there will probably be more choice in 2021 than ever before. We’ve seen drive-in movies return as a popular form of entertainment, and the restaurants that have re-opened have typically begun to sit outside when they wouldn’t have before. 

Health and Safety

You’ll need to be able to provide enough hand washing and hand sanitizing stations for your guests as well as face masks. You can have some fun with this. For example, if it’s a corporate event, then face masks can be personalized, and hand sanitizing stations can be a great place for advertising and marketing. 

Interactive technology

While some people are keen to get out and go to events, others are a little more frightened, and therefore you might want to consider how some of your guests might be hesitant to use touch screens. They might also be cautious about long lines at check-in or outside of session rooms, so it might be worth looking into passive attendance tracking technologies to eliminate the need for people to touch the same screens one after the other.

Food and drinks

No matter what type of event you’re putting on, you’ll probably want some food and drinks, and due to the pandemic, you will want to opt for serving styles that limit the spread of germs, so no buffets or self-serve options.

Hybrid events

It’s also worth exploring opportunities to create a virtual option for in-person events so that it’s more accessible to people who want to attend but may not be willing or able to go in-person.



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