How Weighted Blankets Can Prove Beneficial for Your Kid?

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Getting a relaxed sleep is as essential for children as it is for adults. The quality of your child’s sleep can also affect your life in various ways. But we are sure we don’t have to tell you that. You must have experienced it first-hand. If your child wakes up often during the night or has trouble falling asleep, weighted blankets prove helpful. In this article, we are going to talk about the several benefits of using a weighted blanket for kids.

Weighted Blankets Calm the Kids

Most kids are energy powerhouses, and even small things can get them excited. That is why sometimes it becomes too difficult to calm them down before bedtime. Studies have shown that weighted blankets use Deep Touch Pressure therapy, which calms children and helps them to fall asleep faster.

Parents also use weighted blankets to wrap around kids while they are watching TV to increase the calming sensation. Parents have also noticed that the use of a weighted blanket for kids reduces nervousness and agitated behavior in them.

Weighted Blankets Make Children Feel Safe

Children can feel unsafe when they sleep alone due to many reasons. They may feel scared of imaginary creatures. Or they could be having a nightmare that can disrupt their sleep. Feeling unsafe at night can affect their sleep and leave them feeling cranky all day. Weighted blankets are designed in a way to make children feel safe because the deep pressure therapy induces a feeling similar to being hugged.

We all know how effective hugs can be when it comes to improving the emotional state. The pressure therapy by sleeping blankets produces melatonin and serotonin in the child’s brain which makes them feel safe and helps them sleep better. They will wake up feeling refreshed and energetic in the morning.

Weighted Blankets Improve Their Focus

Weighted blankets were originally designed to help children who suffered from autism or sensory processing disorders. It helped them feel calm and focus on what was going on around them. Going to school and participating in activities can prove to be an assault on the senses of sensitive children, which can mess with their ability to focus.

If your child is not able to concentrate in class or other activities, teachers allow the use of weighted blankets in classrooms and other seated activities. Such children have also shown an increase in focus after sleeping under weighted blankets. The gentle pressure created by weighted blankets soothes their nervous system and increases their ability to concentrate.

Weighted Blankets Reduce Panic Attacks

According to child psychiatrists, more than three million American children suffer from panic and anxiety attacks. Sometimes it can be a genetic disorder, but most of the time, it results from a child’s fear of facing the outside world. These panic attacks can range from mild to severe and can result in the child feeling dizzy, short of breath, or feeling shaky.

Child therapists often prescribe weighted blankets for children who have panic or anxiety attacks. Using a weighted blanket reduces the chances of these attacks because the deep pressure therapy makes them feel relaxed and secure. The pressure stimulation by these blankets helps the nervous system and improves the brain function so that children can cope with the outside world in a better way.

Weighted Blankets Help Children With Disorders

As we mentioned before, weighted blankets were originally designed to help children with autism and sensory processing disorders. They also help children who have other kinds of disorders as well. Weighted blankets help children who have obsessive-compulsive disorders that create unwanted thoughts. These thoughts occur mostly when the brain does not produce enough serotonin. Weighted blankets can help kids by stimulating the production of serotonin in the child’s brain.

Some children suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. These children are unable to focus on what they are doing, which makes it difficult for them to complete day-to-day activities. As we mentioned before, weighted blankets can help these children improve their focus to follow directions or finish what they are doing. The deep pressure therapy induced by weighted blankets also helps children manage their moods, which improves their focus.

Weighted Blankets Reduce Restless Leg Syndrome

Children often complain about a tingling sensation in their legs, which is called a restless leg syndrome. The sensation is caused by the feelings of agitation while in bed, which can prevent your child from being able to fall asleep. Restless leg syndrome can also happen to your child when you are traveling. Weighted blankets can relieve the symptoms by applying gentle pressure and help your child fall asleep faster.

Therapists in America often prescribe and recommend the use of weighted blankets for kids who have difficulty sleeping or suffer from sensory disorders. Parents all over the world have also noticed the benefits of using weighted blankets for their children. If you are still unsure, you can contact a child psychotherapist and see if they have a spare one you can try before you decide.

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