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Measuring Marketing Success: A Primer

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Marketing success can seem deceptively simple to gauge. If people are buying your product in increased numbers after setting about a marketing strategy, that surely shows you have been successful, right? But it’s not always that simple. To what degree are people buying, and how applicable is this to your marketing? What convinced them? Could it be that you’ve turned off many more people than you have brought to your storefront as a result of a mistime or misapplied marketing strategy?

If you’re not able to measure this, it could be that you run in the dark and keep making the same mistakes. That’s not good. That’s how you begin spinning your wheels, which is a state any marketing professional will rightfully fear.

Okay – so let’s consider how measuring marketing success can help you move forward and understand your best approach. If you achieve that, then there’s no doubt quite a few measures you can apply right now, without having to pay over the odds for it. Anything that helps your business market itself that effectively has to be worth paying attention to. Let’s consider just how true that is:

Understanding Marketing Success

You must understand marketing success if you’re to better measure it. What does that mean? Well, it could be that just because you’re encountering a wave of social media followers or activity, the narrative might not be curated exactly how you wish it to be. For instance, people may be confused about what you’re offering. A good formula to go by is 

– 1. Understanding how people are reacting to your brand 

– 2. The numbers by which they do so.

– 3. The positive leads you gain as a result.

That provides you a solid baseline to get started. Furthermore, PPC Marketing Services can help you make good on those goals and objectives through and through.

Tracking Purchase Or Booking Patterns

Patterns can also help you understand exactly how you should routinely market your goods in the future. For instance, if you sell Christmas decorations, it could be that you’ve noticed an uptick in people buying your products in bulk earlier, perhaps in late October. Might this mean that tracking this based on prior years can help you understand where and when to inject your advertisements in future?

Contextualize In The Current Time

Contextualizing your success in the current time can also help you move forward with care, understanding and sensitivity. For instance, Covid-19 has caused many businesses to experience a lack of interest, which could mean that the metrics that defined last year simply do not hold up in the current year. Contextualize everything in the current time, calibrated alongside your competition, and come to your conclusions there. This may help you avoid making errors as you move forward, or make hasty judgements based on your past analysis.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily measure marketing success, reinforcing your appropriate future approaches.

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