Most popular boots for fall and winter of 2020

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As summer turns into fall and then winter, naturally women’s clothing changes with it. One of the prime areas of fashion that women reach out for in fall or winter is boots, as summer shoes and open-toed high heels just don’t cut it in the rain and the snow.

Here is a parade of some of the most popular and trending fall and winter footwear for women in 2020:

#1. Yale Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots, sometimes called Dealer boots in the UK, are close-fitting, ankle-high boots with an elastic side panel.

Popularized in particular by the Beatles in the ’60s. Chelsea Boots have never gone out of fashion with women. If you can afford it, buy one pair in black, and one pair in suede.

#2. Suede over the knee boots

When the weather gets cold in particular, a pair of suede over the knee boots, perhaps

in grey, will keep you warm, keep the rain and snow out, and look fabulous with your winter coat.

And speaking of fall and winter coats, a fantastic place to shop is Canada Goose Their coats for women and their accessories are handcrafted with extreme detail and attention.

#3. Leather ankle boots

Nothing says style, whether it be fall or winter, like a pair of leather ankle boots.

They are so versatile, try to buy two pairs at least.

#4. High heel lace booties

Particularly when the weather gets nasty, a pair of high heel lace booties will keep your feet warm and colored laces will add just a splash of color to an outwear scene filled with drab greys and browns.

#5. Riding boots

There is nothing more fashionable than a good pair of riding boots for winter, and they simply look fabulous on women and present a sporty silhouette.

  1. Tweedy lug boots

Tweed lug boots provide plenty of comfort and grip during the snow, and tweed boots are such a fashionable alternative to black or brown.

#7. Block heel booties

Another boot that looks particularly well in suede but stands up will in black or brown block heel booties. They give a woman plenty of height in the heel without looking or feeling flimsy and unsupported.

#8. Bow ankles boots

Bring out the color, particularly purple with bow ankle boots. The color will jolt your wardrobe into another stratosphere.

#9. Leather Bean Boots

These leather boots with rubber protected soles are perfect for when the snow really piles up and walking the streets is an obstacle course. And they are ultra-practical

for the countryside where you can encounter mud while picking apples or going for fall walks.

#10. Women’s Maltese Boots

If you need a boot that is mid-calf or higher, and extremely comfortable, look no further than women’s Maltese boots. These slightly slouchy boots often have comfort systems built in to ensure comfort throughout the day.

#11. Palomas

Suede ankle boots that have a sufficiently high enough heel to keep you high and dry, alternate these with your leather ankle boots if you like the look but don’t want to wear the same boot every day.

#12. Croc-embossed knee-high boots

The embossed leather that looks like crocodile skin will give you a terrific sense of fashion, while the knee-high design will keep you high and dry.


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