Planning a Thoughtful Memorial for Travelers

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If your loved one was known for their love of travel or for their adventurous spirit, you can honor their memory with a travel-themed memorial service.  Here, we’ll look at some of the best ways to do this. Whether you’re considering a large event or something more intimate, the following ideas can inspire a personalized travel-themed memorial service to truly celebrate the personality of your loved one.

Restaurants of a Certain Country

If your loved one had a passion for a particular country they’d visited, you could hold the service at a restaurant with cuisine that celebrates that particular country. If you’re anticipating over 20 guests, you may want to call the restaurant and ask whether it’s possible to hire out the entire venue for your event. On the other hand, if you’re planning an intimate gathering, you could inquire about reserving a certain number of tables in a private area of the restaurant.

One significant benefit of holding the service at a restaurant is that both the service and the gathering can be taken care of at the same time. Of course, hiring out a restaurant isn’t the most cost-effective option available. So if your budget wouldn’t allow for it, you could instead consider holding the service at the home of another member of the family. Someone with a yard large enough to accommodate everybody and that’s well-maintained could work well, and you could still serve food from the favorite country of your loved one.

The Beach

Another great option is to hold your loved one’s memorial service on the beach. You can take your easily transportable patio furniture, decorations, and a portable BBQ, and hold the service next to the water. Looking out at the blue waters where the sea meets the sky makes it easy to realise just how big a world we’re living in and how much there is to see. Your loved one would appreciate this viewpoint being explored and appreciated at your memorial service.

The open water is one of the most ideal symbols of travel. if the area where you intend on holding the memorial service is on the ocean or close to a lake, you could check to see if there are any local cruise lines that enable you to hire out a party boat. This type of boat cruise is becoming more and more popular, and comes with a kitchen and dining room.

Semi Truck Urns

If you’d like to have your loved one’s ashes at the funeral, you might want to look at buying an urn. There are numerous styles, colours, and shapes of urns, with some more relevant to travel-themed funerals than others.

There are globe shaped urns for globetrotters who loved to go travelling all over the world. Then there are suitcase urns if you’d like to go for a more quirky theme. There are also map urns that combine a stunning engraving of the world with the aesthetic appearance of a traditional urn.

A more specific choice would be a semi truck urn from Green Meadow Memorials, which are ideal if your loved one was somebody who enjoyed nothing more than the open road while on the job.  Truck drivers not only have a passion for seeing new places, but they love their job, and meeting new people. A semi truck urn would be the perfect celebration of  your loved one’s passion and lifestyle.

Memorial Service Gifts

It’s becoming increasingly common to offer guests the chance to take a memorial service gift with them.  It’s a nice way of expressing your appreciation for contributions, support, and love you received at the service, such as flowers and food. While this isn’t uncommon, it isn’t something that’s considered to be compulsory either. A thank you card would be another way to express your appreciation. Another option would be to give gifts to all guests or those who you feel deserve them the most.

One gift that symbolizes travel would be a compass. A unique compass from a site such as Etsy would make an ideal travel-themed gift for a memorial service centered around travel. You can make this gift even more personalized by including a ribbon of your loved one’s favorite color on the package.

Another idea would be a world map gift box that includes a party food that was a favorite of your loved one. If they had a particular candy that they liked, you could put candies in the gift box. You could even choose a selection of candies from around the world.


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