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Selling Your Home Virtually

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Buying a home during the COVID – 19 restrictions looks very different to back the beginning of 2020. The pandemic hit hard at the start of the spring selling season, and the impacts of this are still felt today. 

With significant restrictions in place in many states, looking to buy or sell your home in this climate is a lot trickier and requires more determination and creativity on the parts of realtors and vendors alike. With face-to-face appointments being scarce, being able to show off the property and dress your home to sell virtually comes with a new set of challenges.

Get a Realtor You Trust.

Even if you can’t meet in person, you can still connect on the phone or via video calls. You can set up your phone or laptop to show off your home on a virtual tour and ask as many questions as you need to to feel comfortable in your choice of realtor. You want to engage with someone who knows exactly how to sell your home or sell you a new home if you are looking for one, what the current climate is like in your immediate area, and what kind of timescales or limitations you can expect. If you set up video conferences, you will be able to get a better feel for a person than merely talking on the phone.

Do Your Homework

Check other listings in your local area and find out how quickly other properties are selling on the market and what they are doing to get them sold. It may be that the seller is being proactive alongside a realtor and inviting interest in different ways such as advertisements in local online forums or by way of marketing in other means.

This way you can get a better idea of how long it could potentially take to sell your home, and if you need to put in any extra home staging, or minor renovation works to hit your asking price.

Prepare Your Home for Selling

If you need to make some home improvements, now is the perfect time to get these done without having to worry about people arriving for showings. Look for contractors submitting etenders to see who can complete your home renovation works for you to be able to complete a sale or even remodel your new home if need be. You can find all the information online and reduce the need for face-to-face contact and conduct and work in a safe environment for both you and the contractor.

Start the packing process and remove anything that makes your home look or feel cluttered and design your living arrangements to show potential buyers how to maximize the space in your home best. You want to keep the personality while alluding to space in each part of your home and show those interested how the house could look if it were theirs. Staging your home is trickier when you have to set up virtual viewings. However, you can afford to be creative to get the job and maximize your home to get it sold.

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