Top Tips For Improving Your Confidence

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To be successful, you need confidence. Just look at business and political leaders the world over – they ooze with confidence. What we don’t know is whether they actually have the confidence ot they are faking it really well; either way, it works. However, it is much easier said than done. If you are not naturally a confident person, it can be hard to change your mindset or even appear like you are. Don’t worry though – while it is difficult, it is far from impossible. Almost everyone can learn to love who they are and believe in what they can do, as long as they don’t give up on improving their confidence.

Live a healthy lifestyle

If you feel great on the inside, you will look and feel great on the outside. It can be difficult to feel confident if you are worried about your health, whether that is that you are exhausted all of the time or your teeth are giving you some grief. By following a healthy lifestyle – eating a healthy and balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, cutting out smoking and alcohol, getting exercise and regularly having sight and hearing tests and paying a visit to a top dentist – you can make sure that you feel great about yourself.

Update your wardrobe

In an ideal world, you would not have to worry about the way that you look in order to feel confident, but the reality is that for many people, it does matter. 

Our clothes are often the first thing someone notices about us and can often give a lot away about the sort of person that we are. If we are wearing dark, plain clothes, that can often indicate a lack of self-confidence and a desire to blend in with our environment. However, bright, bold colors and things that stand out may be a sign of someone who has a more extroverted personality and thus has more confidence.

Take a look through your wardrobe and consider what it tells other people about you. Are you secretly longing to ditch the dark and embrace the extrovert in you? If your clothes don’t bring you joy, get rid and buy things that do. Look better; feel better.

Take care of yourself

A little bit of self-care can make such a big difference to the way that you feel and act. Whether it is taking a long hot bubble bath or going for a big hike in the hills, do something that you enjoy and that gives you a chance to breathe and focus on yourself for a while. Many people swear by meditation or yoga to help them rebalance themselves. If that isn’t your thing, why not just spend a few minutes every morning or every evening taking a few deep breathes to ground yourself? 

The main thing is how you act though. Even if you don’t feel confident, walk into a room with your head held high and know that you are as good as anyone else in there. 



Mehru Khan studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of technology in New York and moved to Lahore, where she pursued a successful career in design as Head designer at a leading fashion house of couture and luxury pret. Fashion designer,stylist and a consultant Mehru is a fashion insider for Social lifestyle magazine, keeping us abreast with latest trends and events in the world of fashion, arts and culture.

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