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What is Holistic Living

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Holistic living is a fully inclusive experience with a mind to wellness, peace, harmony. A life of balance and sustainability. When it comes to health it means tending the needs of the whole system of nutrition, mentality, and proactive maintenance. Holistic living is big picture living and seeing yourself as part of a larger lifeforce. The trend for holistic living has generated an increase in awareness of alternative care, and a whole market sector, including literature, dining, travel, and shopping.

  • Awareness: The level of human awareness has ebbed and fell many times in our history. Various civilisations have discovered valuable knowledge about health, science, and spirituality. Since the middle ages, mankind has been rediscovering some of our lost knowledge. The Renaissance, the enlightenment, the industrial revolution, and now the digital age. All have included steps of increased awareness of the secrets of our natural world.
  • Knowledge: We are living in the age of knowledge. There is more information available at your fingertips than existed in all the world’s libraries a century ago. Medical science and engineering have created a virtual Utopia. But knowledge is power, and some of that knowledge is being undermined or repressed. The true power of natural remedies, diet, and spirituality is often hidden for the benefit of pharmaceutical monopolies.  But the holistic movement is bringing to light the secrets of the earth and how the natural elements work together in harmony.
  • Maintenance: The holistic lifestyle is about maintenance and prevention, and when necessary cure. Practitioners are using a fully inclusive outlook the healing properties of nutrition, exercise, positivity, and compassion. And they are living longer, healthier lives with a greater sense of well-being. 
  • Self-Care: People who pursue a holistic lifestyle, choose to avoid artificial and highly processed foods and synthetic medicines. They look to nutritional, herbal cures, aromatherapy, spiritual aids like crystals, and feed their minds with positive philosophy. Today there are many sources of these materials, and even online shopping, Karma Living, for example, has a wealth of products available for better living and holistic education. 

Aristotle, who is said to have coined the term holistic, first combined the concepts of wholeness in the natural world with the mathematical precision of the sciences. The most valuable knowledge is an understanding of the value of wholeness. Seeing that truth, nature, and life, all function together in a self-perpetuating cycle. Even your thoughts can influence the life forces around you. Holistic living is a positive and life affirming philosophy.

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