3 Effective Ways of Saving Your Home From Termites

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Pests have become so common in our lives that many of us tend to shrug off their presence and carry on with our routine work. This attitude may not come to bite you severely if your home is infested with milder breeds of pests like flies or bugs. But, you can land yourself in a lot of trouble if you show recklessness in eliminating dangerous pests like bed bugs or scorpions, or rodents. 

Termites are also one of these dangerous pests because they do not only pose health issues but also cause considerable damage to the wooden valuables in your home. There exist some ways to fix the termite damage, but most of it is irreparable especially when a house has a full-blown infestation. We have discussed here three effective ways that you can use to save your home from the ruthless assault of termites.


  • Check for termites regularly:


Termites are adamant about destroying your furniture and other wooden structures because they feed on cellulose, which is an integral component of wood. If you wish to keep them at bay, the first thing you must do is keep an eye on the obvious signs of their presence that include frass, mud tunnels, and discarded wings. 

Moreover, check the integrity of various wooden structures in your house by tapping on them on a regular basis. If you do not hear hollow sounds, it means that the structure is solid and is not being eaten up by the termites. Lastly, termites are noisy eaters and you can hear them making clicking sounds if you put your ear close to the infested piece of wood. If you discover any of the signs mentioned above, take action immediately and call professionals like Responsible Pest Control

  1. Get rid of moisture:

Termites thrive in humid and hot environments and if your house has these characteristics to offer, you are opening yourself up to a world of trouble. Make sure that you have a cool and dry environment in your home, and you can achieve that by investing in effective air conditioners. Moreover, one of the most common causes of moisture in various houses is leakage issues in the plumbing system. 

Remember that even the most expensive plumbing materials are not immune to leaks, and you must always keep a close eye on the integrity of the water distribution network in your home. If you find even a minor leak, fix it immediately because these minor issues are fully capable of not only compromising the foundations of your house, but they will also increase the humidity levels in the house. 

  1. Make your house inaccessible:

If you want to keep termites away from your home, then make sure that your house is inaccessible for them. Firstly, termites tend to infest those houses where gardens are incredibly close to the main structure of the house, which means that there no distance between the soil and the wood. Therefore, make sure that you limit the boundary of the garden so that the soil remains away from your house. Moreover, get rid of any oversized limbs of trees touching the structure of your house because they will not only lead to the build of moisture along the walls of the house, but they will also provide termites a safe passage into your house. 


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