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3 Reasons Lab-Created Diamonds Are the Responsible Choice

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If you are ready to start shopping for an engagement ring, there are many factors to consider, including making the most responsible choice. The diamond industry has long been surrounded by controversy due to unethical operations. 

You may have heard about synthetic or lab-grown diamonds and been skeptical. However, there is no need to wonder about quality or authenticity when you are dealing with human-made gemstones. Lab-grown diamonds are as real as the stones that are dug out of the earth. The only difference is the method of the creation and process of procurement.

If you are ready to leap into commitment and are shopping for an engagement ring, there are many benefits to choosing a lab-grown diamond from a reputable dealer like Love & Promise Jewelers. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways synthetic diamonds are the responsible choice.


The process of mining diamonds from the earth takes a harsh toll on the surrounding environment. Huge fossil-fueled machinery and explosives are required to coax these precious stones from the earth. This mining process disturbs natural habitats for many animals and insects, adds pollutants to the surrounding waters, and ruins the land for any future use.

The environmental footprint of a mined diamond is over thirty times higher than a lab-created diamond. Between the release of harmful sulfur-oxide and the impact on the environment, mined diamonds are far from the environmentally responsible choice. Diamonds created in the lab produce less than one pound of mineral waste and have almost no environmental impact during production. 

Ethically Sourced

The diamond mining industry has been known for using unethical practices with their operations and employment standards. There have been several feature films produced that outline the horrific issues that surround the diamond industry. From child labor to creating violent local conflicts, diamond mining has a history filled with controversy.

Unsafe work conditions in the mining process are responsible for thousands of workman deaths every year. In contrast, lab-created diamonds create zero-risk in the production process and have reported no work-related injuries. There is also no connection to local conflict or worker exploitation in the lab-created diamond industry. 


Naturally mined diamonds cost thousands of dollars more than lab-created stones. The higher price generally has nothing to do with the quality or authenticity of the stone. Both mined and lab-created diamonds are identical in their physical makeup. The difference in the price comes with the path to the jewelers.

Mined diamonds cost thousands of dollars per carat to mine, refine and export around the world. You end up paying for the processing more than the quality or size of the diamond itself. When you buy a lab-created diamond, there are minimal overhead costs added to the price tag. A lower price tag for your engagement ring will help you to manage your budget more responsibly. You can get a beautiful ring at a much lower cost that won’t cause you to carry too much debt.

If you are shopping for engagement rings for your partner and are conscious of making a responsible purchase, consider viewing some lab-created diamonds. Choose the size and style you want and be assured that your purchase is ethical, eco-friendly, and affordable. 


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