4 Dangerous Myths About Knife Attacks in the Street

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Crime is unpredictable, no matter where you live. You can become a LTC holder to protect yourself and the ones you love. If you’re willing to put in the work, then the end result is a safe and less stressful life. Knife attacks in the street are a prime reason a concealed gun is beneficial. You can bring a gun to a knife fight, and stop a confrontation before it starts. 

1. A Vest Will Stop A Knife

Stab vests were created specifically to nullify the impact of a knife attack. Just like bulletproof vests, they are not 100% a deterrent to the listed attack. A fully stab proof vest does not exists, so it is better to think of this type of protection as ‘resistant’. Several professions require the use of a stab vest, but with the knowledge that it is no more than additional protection.

With that said, you also can’t make your own stab vest and expect the same results as a professionally made stab vest.  Wearing several layers of thick clothing is not protection, and may even make it more difficult to get medical attention once stabbed. 

2. Small Knives Aren’t Harmful

A small knife can cause just as much damage as a large one. It’s the slicing motion that tends to be the most dangerous. You can get stabbed multiple times and live through the attack. But a single slice to an artery can cause irreversible damage to the victim. 

Knife length has been a hot button topic with the law, with restrictions coming down from the highest courts. In some places, knives are banned regardless of their size. This includes pocket knives, which are generally used for everyday activities

Serrated blades are not limited by knife size, so there is the issue of dealing with a small knife that is more dangerous than its larger counterpart. All knives are dangerous when they’re in the hands of someone that wants to do harm. Keep that in mind, and never underestimate an attacker. 

3. Martial Arts Will Make You Immune

Television shows like Cobra Kai have romanticized the idea of fighting off an attacker with your hands and fists. In a normal brawl, martial arts are still considered a last resort. When a knife is involved, it completely changes the game plan. Even the most skilled fighter in the world can have an off day when it matters the most. Never go toe to toe with a knife wielder when there are other options on the table. 

4. You Can Outrun A Knife

The worst thing you can do in a knife attack is turn your back to the person with the weapon. You lose all of your defensive advantages, and willingly blind yourself to an oncoming attack. A knife can be thrown, and can do some serious damage if it actually lands.

There is no guarantee you can outrun your attacker. But when the odds are not in your favor, prioritize finding an escape route rather than purely outrunning a knife wielder. 

Wrap Up

A knife is a short-range weapon that does major damage when you’re unprepared. Take control of the situation by putting yourself in a better defensive position. Common sense and preparedness are the two things that will save you from a knife attack.


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