5 Essential Items Every Woman Needs In Their Capsule Wardrobe

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Do you have a capsule wardrobe? If you don’t or are unaware about what it is, it is time to get with the program. Have you ever opened a closet full of clothing and commented that you have ‘nothing to wear’? You’re likely in need of a declutter, and that is where the capsule wardrobe comes in. Build a capsule wardrobe by investing in a few essential classics that can be styled in multiple ways to suit different occasions, instead of always jumping on the ‘on-trend’ bandwagon. While capsule wardrobes seem smart and sustainable in practice, creating one is easier said than done. Here are a few ideas to get you started : 

The Right Pair of Jeans for Your Body

Let’s get started with an everyday staple – that classic pair of jeans. Jeans are great because they can be worn casually during the day but also dressed up with a pair of high-heels of a fancy top for an evening look. The key here is finding the perfect pair of jeans for your body type. Whether it’s a flared leg, a super skinny cut, or a high-waisted pair – with a little effort you’ll be sure to find the style that’s right for you. 

(Faux) Leather Biker Jacket

You really can’t go wrong with a black leather jacket. It’s the perfect day-to-night piece that allows you to go from the workplace to a bar without much hassle. If you go for the real deal, it’ll be an investment that will last you for years. If you are on a tight budget (or have ethical concerns about wearing leather) you’ll find many faux leather jackets available on the market as well. 

White Sneakers

There is nothing quite like a fresh pair of white sneakers to put a spring in your step. No longer simply considered gym attire, a classic pair of white sneakers can be worn with everything from a pair of denim jeans to a trouser suit, or even a floral dress. They are practical, incredibly comfortable, and perfect for a woman on the move. 

A Statement Blouse

A great way to stand out from the crowd is with a statement blouse. Choose a classic color like pastel blue or white that will make the item easy to pair and look for pieces that feature embroidery or subtle beading for an extra special feel. Dress the blouse up or down as you please by teaming it with every from a pencil skirt to jeans and court shoes to trainers. 

The Perfect-Silhouette Skirt

For the days when you feel like being a bit “girly”, you’ll need to get yourself the perfect silhouette skirt. Whether it’s a floaty pleated skirt or a classic black pencil skirt, choose something that suits your figure and feels comfortable. For a range of diverse skirts in various patterns and styles check out reputable collections from established brands like Dainty Jewells

There you have it – a little inspiration to get you decluttering and establishing your very own capsule wardrobe. Living minimally doesn’t have to mean you can’t be fashionable, and simplifying things will just make your life easier when it comes to getting dressed each day.


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