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6 Decoration Ideas for Your New Home

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Congratulations! You’ve finally picked out a brand new home and you’re getting all ready to move in. So, now that the hard part is over, you can have some fun decorating and getting ready to make your house into a home. There is nothing like watching your new space transform in front of your eyes, so here are some interior decorating tips to try out and experiment with.

1. Realize less is more.


We know you have been looking forward to this move for some time now, so it only makes sense that you have a stockpile of containers, filled with decorations that are just ready to meet their new home. But, chances are, that stockpile of stuff is a bit outdated and is bigger than you may have thought. Besides, you won’t want to go overboard when decorating, as it can easily make the room feel cluttered and busy. So take this as a word of advice: less is more! Only choose pieces that really bring you joy and have an actual space for them in the new house, and everything else can be donated or given to a friend. You’ll thank us later.

2. Add some greenery.

You can never go wrong with adding some houseplants to your space, as they’ll make the home look and feel lived in. The more indoor plants; the merrier! This is especially true if you move during the winter, as not only will the plants brighten up a room, they’ll help increase the indoor air quality. Feel free to mix and match with different kinds of new plants; from potted golden pothos (otherwise known as Devil’s Ivy,) and spider plants, to fresh bouquets and baskets of flowers. Also, remember to go for the easiest houseplants that you can, so that you don’t have a hard time maintaining them.

3. Upgrade the fixtures.


Buying a house is expensive, so it is totally reasonable if there is not a lot of extra money left over for interior decorating. There are many easy ways to liven up a space with a minimal budget, and replacing the home’s fixtures will really make any old and worn feature look brand new. For example, a bathroom can instantly become alive with the addition of matching faucets, a showerhead, and drawer pulls. Or, you can transform your kitchen simply by changing the light switches, doorknobs, and cabinet fixtures.

4. Make ceilings look taller with higher furniture.

This is an insider secret; adding taller furniture to your space will automatically draw the eye upwards, which gives the illusion of a larger, airier space. You may think that as short furnishings take up less room, they are more appropriate to use, but in reality, they make the ceiling look closer to the ground. Choose a tall bookshelf, floor lamp, or even a high-backed headboard in the bedrooms, to bring this effect to life.

5. Create your own sources of light.


A natural light source can make any room that much better, but unfortunately, natural windows and skylights can be hard to come by in some newer build homes. If you’re facing this predicament, take the matter into your own hands and bring the light to you! You can do this by adding contrasting mirrors on opposite sides of the room, lights in each one of the corners, as well as the ceilings, and even by painting the room a lighter color.

6. Go large for a quick fix.

If you want a quick update that packs a punch, splurge on something with a large surface area. The goal for this is to develop a focal point for your space, so this can be through a painting, an area rug, a couch, or even some curtains. Using this method will allow you to feel as if your home has gone through a nice update, without breaking the bank.

Look for heritage home builders when choosing a designer, as these professionals have decades of experience in interior design and decoration. A professional will always help to bring your new home to life, and you will be impressed for years to come.

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