Attending a Party? 3 Ways to Steer Clear of Sex Crime Accusations

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When you are enjoying a great party atmosphere and the alcohol is flowing this can often create a scenario where inhibitions are loosened and you might end up getting into an amorous encounter, which later turns to be something different in the cold light of day.

There are countless examples where a sex crime lawyer has been called upon to untangle a situation that has been badly misinterpreted and an accusation has been made that the sexual encounter was not consensual.

If you are attending a party and want to stay on the right side of the law it makes sense to understand the legal boundaries so that there are no misunderstandings.

Watch your alcohol intake

No one wants to suggest that you don’t have a good time, after all, that’s what a party is all about, but when you become too intoxicated to make rational decisions about what is appropriate behavior that does leave you open to making a poor judgment about a situation.

We all know that alcohol loosens your inhibitions and if you are enjoying a positive and, maybe, a flirtatious encounter with someone else, you could easily misinterpret the situation and make an assumption with regard to consent that could seriously your career and even your liberty.

Always know your limits when it comes to alcohol so that you can make a sound judgment about a situation and talk to the other person about consent, rather than assuming they feel the same way as you about taking things to the next level.

Appropriate flirting

If you are attending an office party with work colleagues the general rule would be to avoid flirting altogether so that you do not leave yourself open to being accused of showing unwanted attention to another person.

Complimenting someone on how they look might seem to be a kind thing to say, in general, but in a party setting, these comments could easily be taken the wrong way.

It is best to keep comments to yourself unless you are complimenting someone you know well and already have a trusting and respectful relationship with.

Keep your hands to yourself

It should go without saying that we all have physical barriers that we don’t want to breached unless explicit consent has been granted.

Of course, physical contact of any sort is not appropriate as a result of the recent pandemic so that has removed some of the uncertainty regarding what is acceptable.

In normal times, the standard advice would be to avoid touching someone anywhere below the shoulder level.

Touching anyone below this level could easily be seen as unwanted attention even if it is not done in a sexual way, so the best course of action is to resolve to keep your hands to yourself so that there can be no mistakes or accusations made against you at a later stage.

Sexual misconduct allegations are on the rise and you need to think carefully about your actions when you are in a party setting, or anywhere else for that matter.


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