Building a Timeless Wardrobe: Essential Outfits You Need

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Every woman dreams of building the perfect wardrobe consisting of well-fitted designs and versatile outfits that can be mixed and matched creatively to achieve new looks. With a $3 billion market size, the clothing retail industry is well fixed for more growth over the next few years. Therefore, there is an endless opportunity for you to start contributing to your new wardrobe. Your outfits must be of a good quality to ensure that you can continue to wear them over and over again. So, what pieces do you need to start building your timeless wardrobe? These ideas should help you out.


Undergarments are possibly the most essential clothing for all women. That is because they help create a smooth frame to help you wear your best outfits. Ensure that you invest in high-quality undergarments like bras, panties, hosiery, and shapewear that fit you well. These would last long and give you value for your money. There are different undergarment styles available on the market, depending on the types of outfits you have. Strapless bras are excellent choices for outfits that have no sleeves. There are also new shapewear designs that have cut-outs to help you wear dresses with long slits. 

Tops and blouses

Tops are necessary items to include in your wardrobe, as they can easily be paired with multiple bottoms like trousers, skirts, or shorts. Some of the significant blouses or tops to include are button-down shirts that come preferably in a solid color, but you can throw in some bold patterns as well. You can also have a denim or chambray shirt for a casual look and some tees and tank tops to serve as basics. The good thing about getting T-shirts and tanks is that you can get a wide range of bright and neutral colors. 


There are three significant dress collections that every woman should have in their wardrobe. These include basic black dresses that are versatile and can be worn on different occasions, party dresses that are excellent for a good night out or for attending weddings, and work dresses for that chic corporate look.


You cannot build your wardrobe without a good set of bottoms, and you can start with exceptional pairs of jeans. Ensure that you stock it with various designs (flare jeans, skinnies, and boyfriend jeans) that you can pair with your tops. You can also stock up on skirts and opt to have some different designs based on your style. Pair your blouses with loose flowing or pencil skirts. Additionally, you should ensure that you get a good pair of trousers for a more formal or work look. 


Your wardrobe must include two types of jewelry for everyday wear and a few statement pieces. You can even mix and match or layer pieces to change up your look. To make your collection more diverse, you can opt for gold, silver, or even rose gold pieces. 

With these few items, you can build your wardrobe collection and experiment with new styles and trends. Remember, making your wardrobe is not about having a lot of clothes, but more about having clothing items that give you the most value for your money. 


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