Christmas Presents To Encourage New Hobbies In 2021

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Christmas is just around the corner once again, and many of us are looking forward to spending time with people we love and relaxing for a couple of weeks after a mammoth of a year

If you are just now starting to buy presents for the people you love, you might be looking for simple ideas for gifts that they will love and find a use with. Today we want to talk about gifts that encourage either an existing or a new hobby. 

Here are some of the great gifts you can buy for loved one that will help them try a new hobby or practice an existing one next year. 

A manicure kit 

If you have a loved one that loves to create nail art and is aspiring to be a nail artist, you can make a manicure kit for them to play around with. A manicure kit could include: 

  • Clippers and files 
  • Nail art stencils 
  • Nail polish 
  • Fake nails to paint 
  • A UV lamp 

Doing this for a loved one is a good way to encourage their creativity and they will likely love to play around with it, and you might even get a nice manicure for good measure! 

A sketchbook and paints

If there is an artist in your family, one brilliant gift idea this Christmas is a sketchbook and some paints. When choosing a sketchbook for someone who loves art – Pink Pig offer some stunning books in fun colors and the quality of their paper is brilliant. For paints, you can take a look at Winsor and Newton or Reeves for paints of any type to match their style and needs. 

A microphone 

For the musician in your life: you could encourage a love of singing with the gift of a microphone this winter. The person you buy a microphone for might be a YouTuber, Tik Tok star, or maybe they want to make their own podcast. You can find lots of cheap microphones that are brilliant quality and will give your loved one the tool they need to fulfill their dreams and try out a new hobby this year. 

A keyboard 

If you are looking for a special gift for someone who loves music this Christmas – perhaps a musical instrument like a keyboard could be an option. Those who love to play the piano would be more than grateful for an electric keyboard that they can either play their favorite songs on or write their own music this year. 

A cookbook 

If you have someone in your life who has started to learn cooking during lockdown, a great gift for them would be a cookbook. Buying a cookbook for a foodie is a fun task because there are so many incredible cookbooks out there to choose from. You can either go with traditional meals, healthy options, veggie, vegan, themed, quick meals and many more. Encouraging someone to get in the kitchen and be creative is a great way to show that you support their hobby – plus you’ll likely get some wonderful meals out of it. 

A camera 

If there is someone in your life who loves to take photographs and edit them – a great idea this year would be to buy them a camera. Photography is an art form and many people who aspire to be photographers will look to be creative and artistic with shots. By investing in a camera they will be able to have countless hours of fun and bring their vision to life whether it be in nature or at home. 

Sporting equipment 

For anyone who enjoys playing a sport – one brilliant idea for you to give them this year is sporting equipment. Anything from a new hockey stick to a new football will be appreciated and it will encourage them to pursue their hobby and maybe even try to go professional one day after much practice. 

Baking decorations 

There are so many brilliant baking gifts out there that are ideal for anyone who loves sweet treats. You can even buy them a fun baking kit to kickstart them on their creations in the kitchen. A kit could include: 

  • Cookie cutters
  • Cupcake cases 
  • Sprinkles 
  • Chocolate chips 
  • Food coloring 
  • Fun stencils 

There are lots of ways to use these fun decorations and for the avid baker it will be a great start to get them going on their creations this festive season.

Fitness gear 

If there is someone in your family who has worked hard to overhaul their fitness regime this year, one amazing way to celebrate this is to get them down fitness gear to use and encourage them to keep going with the healthy habits. One great example of this is to buy them a yoga mat that they can use to do workouts at home in their living room. A new water bottle or a workout top can be a good idea – or if you aren’t sure you could simply ask them what they might need and provide it to them. 

A new TV 

Does your loved one love to play video games? It is well known that video games can actually become a legitimate career option and many people go to competitions each year to brush up on their video game skills. Getting a new TV for your partner or child this Christmas is a way to encourage this hobby and will let them know that you support them in their quest. 

A crochet animal kit 

Crochet and knitting are both fun pastimes to do at home, and this Christmas you could introduce a family member to a new hobby with a crochet or knitting kit in the shape of an animal. These kits are super fun to create and it will provide your loved one with a great project to take on in their downtime at home. 

Looking to buy more useful and exciting Christmas gifts this year? Consider the hobbies of the people you love and try to feed these hobbies and give gifts that will be used again and again. 


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