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Cooking At Home: Five Tips To Make It A Romantic Evening

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We’re all dealing with lockdowns and quarantine right now, and so trying to fit in a date night is a lot harder than it usually is. Setting up a romantic date night is often harder than anything else, but with a romantic dinner at home, you can make lockdown nights a lot more fun. 

The problem is that most people don’t know how to set up a truly romantic evening. They may never have had a romantic dinner at home and half of the fun is in the preparation. You need to shop for the freshest ingredients: veggies from organic grocers and meat from Superior Farms. You need to look for recipes you know your partner would love: panna cotta or trifle? Lamb or pork? You need to find those good candles with the good china – the one you got for your last anniversary. All of the options put together makes a romantic dinner come to life and you can be in charge of seeing it through without a hitch. Let’s take a look at five things you can do to make it a wonderful night.

  1. Drinks are important for a romantic night. You don’t necessarily have to have alcohol, especially if one of you doesn’t drink it. A romantic dinner is not complete without the right drinks, though. If you love wine, choose something to complement the meat that you’re serving: white wine for fish and red wine for lamb. A steak also goes very well with a red wine, and chicken also works with chilled white wine options. If they prefer soft drinks, sparkling flavored water is always a winner! Make the scene extra special by getting some stylish cocktail or bourbon glasses to add a touch of class to the evening. They’re also something that you can use again and again to bring back memories. Use an ice bucket on the table for chilled drinks – you won’t regret it!
  2. Dinner is the main event here, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. A rack of lamb with a red wine jus and mint sauce is a gorgeous choice, but even the simplest food can be romantic. If their favorite meal is crumbed mac and cheese, then you know you’re onto a winner with that! Romance comes with how much you know them!
  3. Set the table properly. A romantic evening needs tablecloths, mats, candles and cutlery holders! You want this to look as good as it tastes. Add a huge vase of fresh flowers, too, with the best china you have in the house.
  4. Add music, and wear something you know they love you in. If you are told you look good in blue, wear blue and wear a good perfume or cologne. If you know the table looks good, you look good and the food tastes good, it’s already a great meal. Just let the conversation flow now and it’s the perfect dinner.
  5. Lastly, just relax. You’ve done the hardest bit in all the preparation and the cooking. If this is a success, at least you know that you can have a romantic time during lockdown! Dinner is a good way to invite conversation and show off your cooking skills, especially if you’re not the main chef in the house!

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