Covid-19 Gift-Giving Etiquette: What Do You Do?

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Covid-19 has even ruined gift-giving! Once upon a time, you could count on buying and receiving presents to bring people together and form bonds. Now, you might not know how to buy, receive, or send a gift securely. The world has officially gone crazy!

Still, Halloween has only just passed, Thanksgiving is around the corner, and Christmas creeps closer all the time, so the holiday season is here. 2020 has been a bust, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from getting into the holiday spirit. After all, it’s the little things, such as opening presents, that boosts morale.

With that, here are four things to consider before you purchase and send gifts.

Will It Get There In Time?

If you want to know how big the demand for delivery and shipping services is, you only have to look at Amazon. The online retail giant is struggling to keep up with the number of orders, which says a lot considering the platform is about as reliable as it gets as this time of the year. Therefore, you must factor in the delivery slots beforehand. Otherwise, you could end up in a situation where the package doesn’t arrive until after the New Year! If you want to commit, be decisive and do it now to avoid any risks.

How Much Is Too Much?

Under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t bother about the money. After all, you have a steady wage that isn’t going anywhere. Unfortunately, the unemployment situation and the economic downturn is scary, and it’s forcing people to be more frugal than usual. Don’t worry as you can still give presents. The key is to keep them small-yet-practical. Do you have male loved ones? The guys in your life will love men’s underwear as you can never have too many boxers. On the other hand, women will prefer an at-home spa package to help them relax.

Will They Reciprocate?

You’re not selfish for asking the question. If anything, you’re attempting to take their feelings into consideration. Again, the financial element of the holiday season is high – in 2019, the average American almost spent $1,000 on gifts – and friends and family might count on saving the money this year, which is reasonable. Of course, giving them a present when they haven’t bought you anything could make them uncomfortable. Therefore, it’s smarter to speak to the people who you typically give gifts to and create a strategy. It’s not as traditional, but nothing about this year is conventional!

Is It Covid-Secure?

Let’s not forget about the health implications. Wiping down a package is one thing, but you could be back at square one if you have to put it in the mail or send it via courier. There’s no telling how unclean the trucks are, which is distressing. Thankfully, some companies promote Covid-secure policies and procedures, so you can choose them if you have to ship stuff. Other than that, it’s probably easier to drop the gifts off on the doorstep to limit contact.

Here’s to everybody enjoying an incredible holiday season!


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