Dealing With Experiences of Back Pain Effectively

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Anyone who has experienced back pain is well aware how uncomfortable or even debilitating it can be. It’s not a pleasant experience and chances are you’re going to want to do everything you can to reduce the pain and increase comfort. Here are a few pieces of information that could help you to achieve this!

Taking Care of Yourself at Home

First, we need to note that if your back pain is severe, or if it is a direct result of an accident or injury, you need to see your doctor immediately. This could mean heading to A&E or booking an emergency appointment with your general practitioner. They’ll be able to give you the urgent care that you need. If your back pain is chronic, your may find that your doctor has told you that it cannot really be treated with medication or other medical intervention and your doctor may have advised that you take care of yourself at home. This can feel intimidating, as many of us are unsure exactly what to do to achieve this. If in doubt, check with your doctor. Some people would recommend taking ibuprofen or paracetamol as advised by the packet’s instructions as soon as you notice back pain beginning. This pain relief will make a big difference and minimize pain. You can also create cold compress packs, which can be placed on the area that is hurting the most. Heat packs are also a good alternative that can be easily found in pharmacies or ordered online. Many people like to alternate between cool packs and heat packs. You can also support your back while you’re sitting down or lying down by placing pillows and cushions in various positions to support your back and reduce pressure being placed on it.

Seeing a Specialist

If you’re growing tired of chronic back pain and are seeking longer term solutions, it may be worth seeking out a professional. They may be able to give you Spinal injections for back pain or other effective treatments. Of course, you need to make sure that the professional is qualified, medically registered and insured. This will ensure that you only receive quality treatments with minimum risk. There are plenty of alternative treatments out there that could help you too!

Being Patient with Yourself

All too many people worsen their back pain by failing to give themselves time to rest and recover. Sure, it may not feel convenient having to take time off from your day to day activities and responsibilities to rest up. You may want to get back to work. You may want to attend your planned social events. You may want to continue your exercise regime or attend your fitness classes. But doing so while you have back pain can simply ruin the experience, make your back pain worse and see you having to rest up for even longer. Be patient and be kind to yourself!

Choosing the Right Mattress

Now, when we think of back pain, few of us will automatically think of mattresses. But mattresses can make all the difference to anyone who is experiencing back pain. Chances are that you may feel a whole lot better or a whole lot worse after a full night’s sleep when you’re experiencing back pain. If you feel the first, chances are you’ve already got the right mattress to suit your needs. If you feel the latter, it’s time to look into replacing your mattress as soon as possible. There are a number of myths and legends surrounding mattresses and back pain, and it’s important to question and check their validity to make sure that you’re taking proper care of your back. All too many people believe that the firmest mattress possible, or even sleeping on the floor, is great for a bad back. But this isn’t necessarily true for everyone. Sure, some people will prefer a firm mattress, and sure, a soft mattress may not provide enough support for back pain sufferers. But the right mattress for your needs will vary from someone else who has back pain due to personal preference and differences in the back pain you’re feeling. Finding the right mattress can be difficult, but it is possible. Two recommendations are finding a spine aligned mattress or opting for a custom mattress.

Make Sure Your Mattress is Spine Aligned

Spine aligned mattresses can make the world of difference when you’re suffering with back pain. This is because it takes care of your posture when you’re sleeping. While most of us are able to easily focus on our posture when we are awake, we are unable to pay the same attention and correction to our posture while we’re sleeping. A good quality, spine aligned mattress can support your body while you sleep to make sure that your back is in a good position and fully supported. It will avoid issues caused by excessively soft or firm mattresses, which don’t generally hold your spine in the right place. It’s worth consulting a mattress sales professional to find the perfect one for you. If you have larger hips, they’re likely to recommend a softer mattress. If you have smaller hips, they’re more likely to recommend a firmer mattress for extra support. Medium firm tends to be a good middle ground for those with neither.

Try a Custom Mattresses

Of course, the best mattress is likely to be a custom mattress. Custom mattresses are built to specifically support your individual body and are going to tick all of your boxes. They will provide support. They will provide comfort. They will be the perfect mattress for you! Sure, they may be a little more pricey. But generally speaking, mattresses last for a good eight years before needing to be replaced and you do get use out of them for around eight hours every single night. This is a good investment to make and is way more than worth the extra money!

Back pain is less than ideal. But hopefully, some of the above pieces of information and advice could help you to deal with it a little better!

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