Does A Jackpot Win Make You Happy?

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How would you feel if today you are notified that the lottery ticket you purchased some two to three months back has fetched you millions of dollars? Or probably you are the lucky person who has received a huge amount in their name? Aside from jumping in joy and feeling like you have the power and resources to buy anything, the question is, would you feel happy? 

Well for the starters, of course, you will. I mean it takes years for an average guy to earn millions of dollars and there is so much you can purchase with that money. But in the longer run, is that money a guarantee to keep you happy?

That is a debatable topic, the explanation for which varies from person to person. Many people have a habit of playing online lotto or walking into the casino in the hope to win big and take home some decent amount. A majority of the credit for inducing this mindset in the people goes to the casinos that advertise the games and claim huge amounts as jackpot winnings. But even if you win a huge amount, that doesn’t really change your life on a broader scale. Here’s how: 

What About the Jackpots?

It would be wrong to say that pocketing millions of dollars wouldn’t make anyone do a little happy dance. Various researchers have confirmed that even the mere thought of having a huge amount of money with us can release good chemicals in our brain which can eventually make us feel a lot happier.

Studies have shown that winning a jackpot does actually make a person joyful and the feeling is carried forward even two years after it has happened. The happiness twofold when the winner acts responsibly and maintains the money well. 

Similar patterns are noted in working professionals when they receive a salary hike or promotion at their workplace. However, the big question yet again, which is more tantalizing – sudden and one-time inflow of money or steady increases received from your boss?

Work Vs Lottery

The real question is if you won millions of dollars, would you stop working? The answer is a big no. You can win a huge amount but the need to have a stable and steady job that makes you feel valued is darn necessary. Sometimes, when you work for the greater good, you don’t even care if profit is involved in your job. All you focus on is your work and how to make something that everyone needs.

However, for many people, their jobs are not quite what they like. They are not satisfied with the type of work and even the pay checks are a matter of concern for them. For these people, jackpots and winnings can come across differently. Even the mere thought of winning a huge amount is a feel-good emotion for them.

But, is it really worth it? And why work should make us happier than winning a lottery?

Well, that’s pretty simple to look at. Salary hikes and jackpot winnings are short-term happiness that you will experience and observe for only a short time. After a year or two, you will be back to your normal state where everything that eventually matters is your personal life and the work you do. Simply put, work can provide us happiness for a lifetime, chunks by chunks every day.

Happiness is Happiness

That being said, it is right to say that bagging whopping millions of dollars will make you put on a happy face. That’s an amount that takes years and even decades to earn, let alone accumulate. And in a lotto or online casino jackpot, you get the money flowing in quick. Lightning fast, if we could say. All you need is luck and a lot more luck! Because that’s the only thing that stands between you and the huge jackpot offerings. 

Many could argue that winning a lottery is short-term happiness. But in a world where happiness has become a luxury, don’t you think people deserve something this big at least once in their lifetime? Of course, they do. 

And well, as already mentioned, those who win can keep their happiness to its peak if they know how to properly handle this amount and make sure they are managing it like adults. Doing this helps in retaining the feel-good emotions for quite a long time. And perhaps, who doesn’t want the I have enough money lasting for long?


Does a jackpot win make you happy? That’s a difficult question to answer, to be honest. For punters who frequently play lotto and online gambling games, and people in need, winning big amounts can mean a lot. For others, happiness may define something completely different from just winning millions of dollars. Individual perception and outlook towards things play a critical role here.

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