How Are People Using Their Extra Time While Working From Home

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This year has seen the majority of the British population adjust to working from home. This came with its challenges but also brought its own benefits. With so many people no longer having to commute they are spending the extra time in numerous ways. What have the Brits been doing with all this time on their hands?


The printing company, instantprint, who specialise in signage such as roll-up banners, conducted a survey and asked 1,000 people who have been working at home since the pandemic what they have been doing with their extra time. Cooking proved to be a popular activity, with 20% of people say they had been getting more creative in the kitchen. It would appear that making a home-cooked meal from scratch has risen in popularity across the country and it’s looking likely people will be cooking much more in the future. 

Watching Netflix 

The survey from instantprint revealed that Netflix was one of the most popular activities. A commute didn’t really lend itself to binge-watching your favorite series on your small phone screen. Whereas in the comfort of your home it’s easy to get settled on your sofa and catch up on your shows. There have been series that have sky-rocketed in popularity this year. It’s somewhat mad to think that Tiger King was released in March this year!


Of course, one of the best bits about not having to commute is spending longer in bed. 21% of people said they were using the extra time to sleep. When you look at articles published last year which explain how long commuting can take – it makes sense people are relishing that extra time to sleep. 

Time with Pets

20% of people used their extra time on their pets, and you can’t really blame them. Pets can help motivation levels and give people some much-needed company. Whether it’s wanting a cuddle or needing an excuse to get out of the house for some fresh air – it would seem that most pet owners have really cherished the extra time with their furry friends.

Learning New Things

Another notable use of extra time due to home working is an increase in education and learning. Zero commuting times and shorter bears mean more time at the end of the day to upskill for jobs or pursue a hobby or interest. Some people have even made time for SURF SCHOOL on the weekends, an outdoor activity that improves coordination and wellbeing. 

Working Out

Home workouts weren’t top of the list for many, with only 18% of people saying they were spending time on them. When your whole life is happening under one roof, it can be hard to strike a balance between activities. If you’re interested in attempting home workouts, there are so many online resources at your fingertips.

You may feel like you need to cram in an activity every hour, but remember it’s been a hard year and you need to give yourself a break. Take time in the day to look after yourself. How have you been spending your extra time?

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