How to Fit More Reading Time Into a Busy Lifestyle

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With everyone leading busier lives nowadays, it can be difficult to find the time for the things that you love. Busy work schedules, family commitments and your other personal goals can make it hard to find free time for your most pleasurable pastimes. For many busy people, reading is one of the first hobbies that is dropped from your list of things to do each day. However, with the right approach, even the busiest of individuals can find time to get lost in a good book. 

With modern technology, devices like the Kobo eReader make it easier than ever to read on the go. Instead of having to find a way to transport a heavy book with you everywhere you go, an e-reader makes reading in those rare moments of free time much more accessible. With that said, you still need to carve enough time out of your already overloaded schedule to fit in time for reading. So, how can you fit more reading time into your busy lifestyle? 

Let’s take a look at just a few simple strategies you can use to find more time to read. 

Set Goals

Just as you would set goals and targets in other areas of your life, you should apply the same principles to your reading. For example, you might challenge yourself to read twenty pages per day, or perhaps that you must finish the chapter you are on before you can finish your reading for the day. Setting small goals will help you to read a little extra each day. 

Read For You

While working your way through the New York Best Sellers list might give you plenty to talk about at parties, you’re putting yourself under pressure to consume a lot of material that you might not be interested in. When you’re uninterested, it’s much more difficult to push yourself to read. Instead, choose books that you truly want to read. Enjoy your reading, and you will inevitably make more time for it. 

Read Before Sleeping

Reading before going to bed is a fantastic way to relax your mind and unwind after a busy day. Just as you make time to brush your teeth before you go to bed every night, allow enough time to read before you go to sleep too. This should be a non-negotiable aspect of your nightly routine. Just thirty minutes per night will help you to read more and sleep better! 

Carry An E-Reader

Whether you use an app on your phone or a dedicated device, reading books on the go is easier than ever with e-reader technology. Whenever you have a free moment in your day, instead of scrolling mindlessly on your phone, reach for your e-reader and flick to the next page of your book. Filling your free time with reading will allow you to make your downtime more productive, doing something that you truly love. 

Over-Borrow Books

When you next visit your local library, be sure to over-borrow. Borrowing more books than you think you will actually have time to read will add a little bit more pressure and encourage you to read more. Having a pile of books with a pending return date is a great way to increase the number of pages you read each week. 

Make More Time In Your Busy Schedule For Reading

Finding the time to read more can be challenging when you already have a jam-packed schedule. Sometimes, you will need to prioritize your tasks to make time to read. Try reading while you eat your lunch, have your morning coffee, or skip that extra episode on Netflix and read instead. Making reading a priority in your life will ensure that you have more time to enjoy reading, no matter how busy you are!

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