How To Look Good for Virtual Meetings

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The number of virtual meetings has increased due to the new ‘stay at home’ culture that has been established since the start of the ongoing pandemic. In a bid to cut back on social gatherings, most workplaces use this arrangement without losing productivity. Furthermore, it has become a more convenient way to connect with friends and family. In effect, virtual communication has become a necessary component of daily routines. Although 70% of Americans still prefer in-person formats, the argument now is whether to bother looking good for virtual meetings while working from home. How have you managed yours? Let’s take a look at these three tips below to keep you looking on point.


  • Makeup


The temptation to feel comfortable at home in pyjamas and no makeup is alluring in these times. For some, there is no need to improve their looks before an office-related virtual meeting. Fortunately, a little effort puts you in a working mood, contributes to a significant meeting time, and boosts your confidence. If you were having this meeting in person, you would have dressed up, fixed your hair, and applied some makeup. So why not do the same for your virtual meeting? Apply some bronzer and a shade of lipstick. You can also go in for low priced eyeshadow palettes to give your eyes a nice pop of color. And if you think you need a beauty-hack, you can use Zoom’s in-built soft filter to add a touch-up layer to your video.


  • Use a neutral background


The background you choose for your virtual meeting is important to this subject. A neutral background prevents distractions during the meeting. It is also necessary to choose a clutter-free area that will not show within the video frame. It is best to use a neutral-colored wall with little or no art displays. The focus should be on you and not any other thing in your living space. A well-arranged bookshelf or bookcase makes an appropriate background as well by creating the image of a scholarly individual whose home is orderly and academic. If you want diversity, Zoom offers a range of virtual background images to choose from; you can even upload your background on the app.


  • Dress appropriately


A virtual meeting is not an excuse to dress shabbily; dressing appropriately adds to the overall virtual etiquette. Whereas your best friend, spouse, or parents may not mind what you wear on a video call, it’s not the same with a business meeting. Try as much as possible to dress professionally as you would during a face-to-face business meeting. Like your background, try not to dress distractingly. Avoid inappropriate attires, fix your hair, and attempt to not look so groggy during the call. Incorporate darker colors such as black, navy blue, and brown into your professional attire, as bright colors can be quite distracting- especially over a video call.

It is essential to treat your virtual meetings from home as professionally as you would if it were in the workplace. Working from home does not take away the professionalism of your job. Be sure also to adopt other useful virtual meeting hacks to make for good, efficient, and productive meetings. 


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