How to Make Edibles At Home: 4 Simply Delicious Recipes

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Did you know that 12% of American adults smoke marijuana? Factor in those who consume it in different ways, plus those who use CBD products, and this is sure to be an even higher percentage!

Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, you might be wondering about how to make edibles. In that case, here are 4 simple and delicious recipes to try!

  1. Cannabutter

You use butter in lots of cooking, so why not infuse some cannabis into it to kill 2 birds with 1 stone? Not only can you chow down on some delicious dishes, but you can also reap the benefits of weed as well.

To get started, read this guide on making cannabutter. Basically, you just have to melt some regular butter, then mix in your decarboxylated butter until it all melts together. Then, you can use it in any regular recipe that uses butter, such as brownies and cookies, or even savory dishes like pasta.

So if you were wondering about how to make edible brownies, just pull out your favorite recipe and use cannabutter in place of butter!

  1. Cannabis Tea

When it comes to how to make edibles for beginners, it doesn’t get simpler than cannabis tea. All you need to do is brew a mug of your favorite tea, then stir in a teaspoon of the cannabutter you’ve made.

This is a quick and simple recipe that’s very versatile, considering that there are tons of teas out there to try. So feel free to go crazy with experimenting!

  1. Edible Gummies

Do you love to snack on little gummies all throughout the day? Then you’re probably wondering about how to make edible gummies too! They’re a great way to get your THC or CBD dosage while on the go, as they’re very discreet.

Basically, you can make them by getting some boxes of Jello, infusing the cannabutter, and pouring the gelatin into a mold. Or you can just melt some regular gummies, infuse the cannabutter, and then let them set in a mold.

  1. Weed Ice Cream

Need a cool treat on a hot day? Why not make some weed ice cream then?

All you’ll need is some heavy cream and your cannabutter! of course, you can add your favorite ingredients too, like chocolate chips or fruit.

Simply melt the heavy cream, add in the cannabutter, and mix in as much sugar as you need for your liking. Once those are thoroughly mixed, you can then add in the extras.

Freeze this mixture overnight and then you’ll have some delicious weed ice cream the next day!

Now You Know How to Make Edibles

Now that you know how to make edibles, you can have a wonderful time ingesting THC or CBD. So give our simple but tasty recipes a try!

If you found this article on how to make weed edibles helpful, then be sure to read the rest of our blog articles too!


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