How To Relieve Boredom & Boost Your Mood

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Being bored can be unsettling and uncomfortable, especially when it goes on for a long time without any end in sight. Be glad to know there are actions you can take to relieve boredom and boost your mood relatively quickly.

You’ll be on your way to living your best life and feeling more lively and vigorous when you keep yourself busy and entertained. Let these ideas inspire you to stick to a routine that keeps you active and engaged daily. It won’t be long before you have more energy to carry you through the day and zest for life.

Look for A New Job

A dead-end and mundane job may have you feeling bored with your days and uninspired about yourself and where you’re heading in life. Boost your mood and attitude by looking for a new job or career path. Take the time to figure out what you’re passionate about and believe will challenge you and make you happy. Work takes up a lot of your time and energy, so it’s worth finding a role that makes you feel alive and inspired. Job hunting in itself will keep you busy, and it’ll make you feel energized and excited when you land interviews for the positions you’re interested in taking.

Go on A Date

Relieve boredom and boost your mood by putting yourself out there and dating again. It’ll be exciting to think about the possibility of meeting someone who’s fun to spend time with or maybe even marry someday. Join dating apps or find people who share common interests with you to date. It’ll be fun to get ready and enjoy getting to know someone new. Confirm the person you’re dating is of age so that you don’t put yourself in a compromising or sticky situation. Review the commonly charged sex crimes and know who to call should you need help fighting a charge or accusation.

Call an Old Friend

You can relieve your boredom and elevate your mood by calling up an old friend. Have a good laugh and reminisce about fun times you two have enjoyed together. Catch up on what’s happening in each other’s lives and lend advice when there’s an opportunity or they ask for it. It’ll feel good to hear a familiar voice and speak to someone who you know truly understands you. Consider setting up a video call if you want to see each other and spend some quality time hearing your stories and what’s going on in your lives.

Set Goals & Plan for the Future

You can keep yourself entertained and stay positive by setting goals and planning for your future. It’ll help keep you motivated and inspired each day you wake up. Let your goals drive your actions and the decisions you make. Get excited about all that’s yet to come and what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. You may be unhappy or bored right now, but knowing that there’s more out there and that you can change your life will turn your attitude around for the better. Map out a plan so you can start tackling it right away and get yourself on a path to finding long-term success.

Find Projects around the House

There’s likely plenty of ways to keep yourself busy around your house. Relieve boredom and boost your mood by updating and improving your space. Find projects around the house that will make your home a better place to live. For example, you can apply a fresh coat of paint, clean and organize your belongings, and rearrange or refurbish old furniture. You’ll be much happier and satisfied when your home looks attractive and is a comfortable and cozy place to spend your time. Make a priority list of what you want to get done and then come up with a budget and timeline for when you want to have each house project complete.


Exercise is an excellent way to spend your free time and boost your mood and mental health. One of the best times to workout is when you don’t feel like it. Exercising will release the happy chemicals in your brain and help you to shed unwanted pounds. It’s hard to be bored when you’re breaking a sweat and challenging your body. You can lift weights, do cardio, or go for a run as different ways to get moving more. Mix it up and try different activities so that you’re using new muscles and don’t get bored with your routine. You may want to consider finding an accountability partner who can cheer you on and help keep you on track. Set fitness and wellness goals you can work toward to stay motivated and exercising regularly.

Cook A Nice Meal

Cooking is another way to relieve boredom and boost your mood. It’s a mindful activity that requires patience and close attention to detail. You may even find it to be a relaxing hobby at times. Plan and cook a nice meal for you or your family and friends and gather to enjoy whenever you need some social interaction. Use fresh and healthy ingredients that will make the food taste better and keep you feeling your best. You can challenge yourself to harder recipes as time passes and you get the hang of it. A nice meal is a great way to treat yourself and the opportunity to put your cooking skills to the test. There are even foods that can reduce anxiety and will help boost your mood, so choose the menu wisely.

Take A Walk Outside

Get outside and get some fresh air whenever you’re feeling bored and need a mood booster. The sunshine alone can instantly make you feel wonderful and put you at ease. Enjoy the beautiful sights and smells and calming sounds of the birds chirping and use it as an opportunity to clear your mind. You’ll return home from your walk, feeling more positive and energized to tackle your to-do list. Spend time in nature whenever you’re feeling stressed out and need a break from your normal routine. It’ll help bring you into the present moment and allow you to catch your breath for a little while.  

Listen to Music

There are many benefits that music has to offer; one of them being that it can instantly boost your mood and alter your attitude. Put on some of your favorite songs and notice how it changes your disposition and outlook almost immediately. Let loose and feel free to get up and dance and move around to burn calories and put a smile on your face. Put music on when you’re working or driving in your car and notice the sense of calm and happiness that comes over you. You may also want to use soft and soothing music as a way to relax or put on when you want to meditate and slow any racing thoughts.

Journal What’s on Your Mind

Another way to relieve boredom and boost your mood is to journal what’s on your mind. When you’re bored is a good time to connect with yourself and your thoughts on a deeper level. Figure out what may be bothering you and list suggestions for solving your problems and finding more happiness in your days. Journaling will help you reduce your stress and see for yourself what’s truly on your mind and taking up your energy and thinking capacity. You may also want to use a journal to record down what you like about yourself and what you’re thankful for. You can practice gratitude and self-love to boost your mood and feel happier and more excited about life.

Rest or Take A Nap

A simple rest or nap may be all you need to boost your energy levels and mood. You may feel bored and out of it because you’re tired and exhausted from your busy schedule. Make it a point to put your feet up and close your eyes whenever you need a break and to reset. You’ll likely wake up feeling much better and more alive when you take a twenty-minute nap to regroup and rest your mind and body. Also, take breaks throughout your day to walk around, get water, or stretch. You’ll find you’re more productive and engaged in what you’re doing when you take these mini-breaks away from your to-do list and work.

Play with Your Pet

If you have a dog then take the time to show your pet you love and care for it. Relieve boredom and boost your mood by playing with your furry friend. You can take them outdoors for a hike or to the dog park or play games in your backyard. They’ll love the quality time with you and getting some exercise. You’ll both feel happier and less down and bored when you stay active and enjoy each other’s company. Simply petting and hugging your dog can boost your mood and put a smile on your face. Take good care of your pet and make them a priority, so you both stay healthy and well.


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